Mexican Restaurants in Oshkosh: 4 Mouth Watering Spots

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As a family photographer in Oshkosh, I often get asked about restaurants in the area. Families and couples like to go out to dinner after a photo session with me. For information about families sessions click here and information about couples sessions click here. I also have a free Facebook group for moms in the area, and would love for you to join!

I love love going out for Mexican. I particularly love the warm chips and fresh salsa you get before you are served your meal. I also really love the drink menu, you can’t go wrong with a margarita, but there’s always something different to try too. And I really enjoy the atmosphere with the bright colors, music and smells. I find that they are generally happy and inviting.

So how do you choose the right Mexican restaurant in Oshkosh? First consider the menu options, most restaurants have a diverse menu, but are you hungry for something specific? Also, I would highly encourage you to goto an authentic Mexican restaurant. The ingredients are often fresh and healthier and it just tastes so much better. After that, the only true way to decide is to just try them haha.

So are you craving Mexican, but not sure where should you go? I got you covered. Below is a list of 4 amazing Mexican Restaurants in Oshkosh I would recommend.

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Mexican Restaurants in Oshkosh


This tasty restaurant is a great option! Each day Takiza makes homemade tortillas, I mean you can’t get any better than that! This authentic Mexican restaurant serves large portions with even bigger flavors! Their friendly staff and cozy atmosphere make for a memorable experience. Make sure to try the Pastor tacos or any taco really. Check out Takiza’s Facebook page for more information and their menu.

Los Jaripeos

This is probably my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Oshkosh. Los Jaripeos is a casual restaurant with a bright atmosphere! I love all the colors inside. Their food is prepared fresh and you can honestly taste the difference. The staff is super friendly and has always provided great service. I recommend a margarita or any of their drinks really and just order one of everything off the menu because it’s all good haha. For more about this great restaurant click here.

Los Rivera’s

This Mexican Grill is a great option if you’re craving Mexican cuisine in the Oshkosh area! Their food and drink menus are inspired by family recipes, hello authentic! Los Rivera’s menu does focus on traditional flavors, but they do have some menu items that are unique. I definitely recommend trying a margarita or two while visiting.

Cozumel Mexican Grill

This Mexican restaurant will have you counting the days until you return! The atmosphere is more modern and refined compared to the traditional super colorful Mexican restaurant vibe. It’s still super warm and inviting and the staff is remarkable. Be sure to check out their daily specials and try a margarita! For more about Cozumel click here.

daughters kissing their mother in front of a fence for blog post about mexican restaurants in oshkosh

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