3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Thedacare Pediatrics

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One of the hardest decisions as a parent is choosing the right pediatric care for your child. As parents, we want to make sure that it’s a doctor we can trust and a place where we’ll get great service. I would recommend choosing a pediatrician at least three months before your baby is due. I encourage you to call and ask to visit the office.Speak with a doctor while you’re there and ask questions. You can never be too prepared when it comes to your little ones and you always want to feel good about your decisions. As an Appleton family photographer, I’m often asked about local recommendations for family services. I’m happy to share with you some of the reasons that Thedacare Pediatrics is a great place to search for a pediatrician for your children.

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Thedacare Pediatrics is a Member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network

Thedacare joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2013 and as a result has access to their knowledge and resources. They’re able to work with Mayo Clinic doctors to help sort out more difficult medical cases. Patients will also have access to a second opinions, specialists and the latest research. Mayo Clinic is the #1 hospital in the nation, this is huge and really helps set apart Thedacare from other medical facilities.

Services for Every Need

Thedacare Pediatrics offers a full range of services for your little ones and they take pride in offering the utmost care. You’ll be able to find care from the moment they’re born to well into their childhood. Some of their services include wellness visits, psychological care, sport injury treatment, chronic illness care and many more. You can feel confident knowing that they have treatment available for your children no matter the circumstance. Especially if your family has any health history with specific health concerns or diseases, it’s important you find a provider that you can trust through your entire journey. One with plenty of resources to help you discover answers to any problems that may arise. Thedacare Pediatrics is very well rounded with the services they offer.

Care Beyond the Exam Room

Thedacare is a nonprofit organization and has helped the local communities in so many ways. The donations that are received, are used for things like purchasing new equipment and creating programs that all help support community health. Thedacare Family Foundations makes it possible for patients to get health care service no matter where they live. It’s great to choose and support a business that does so much for our community.

I hope this helped give you a little insight about Thedacare Pediatrics. They do have medical offices all over Northeast Wisconsin and have numerous pediatricians on staff. Just remember to ask questions, do your research and you’ll be able to confidently choose the right doctor for your children.

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