Copper Rock Coffee Company – An Escape Downtown Appleton

I love love love coffee. My day doesn’t start until I’ve had a cup in the morning. And actually one of my favorite things to do, is to visit local coffee shops. I love walking into the smells of coffee, and finding a coffeehouse with a relaxed vibe to just spend some time there without my worries. Coffee shops are my happy place. One of my favorite coffee shops in the area is Copper Rock Coffee Company in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Copper Rock Coffee

Copper Rock opened in 2002 in downtown Appleton, with a vision from owners Emily and Bill Heiges. They wanted to create something special and a space for all people to feel welcome, no matter what walk of life. The name Copper Rock refers to Copper Mountain in Colorado. After spending some time in Colorado, they grew to love the mountain and it inspired the name and logo.

The Atmosphere of Copper Rock Coffee

The Copper Rock Coffee house is conveniently located near the center of downtown Appleton, between many businesses and Lawrence University. Making it a great space for guests to grab coffee on the way to work, class or before spending some time in the downtown shops. This coffeeshop is a super comfy and has a charming atmosphere. The walls are old brick, the ceilings are tin and they have plenty of seating available. It has such an inviting atmosphere.

“Copper Rock’s atmosphere is very unique. We have tried to create an environment that welcomes every walk of life. We train our baristas to put customers first and deliver a quality product in a short amount of time. We pride ourselves in making coffee personal. You aren’t just a number at Copper Rock. Where many coffee shops are moving to automation, we want to keep that personal feel,” says Ben Jaeger, Operations Manager at Copper Rock Coffee.

What Makes This Coffee Shop Different

This friendly and cozy coffeehouse goes above and beyond to insure that their guests have a great experience. They pride themselves in making sure that all their guests are comfortable. “We want everyone to feel like Copper Rock is their escape, their hangout, their little piece of home away from home,” says Jaeger.

They also roast their own beans in house and import some of the freshest coffee possible. “Bill, our roaster takes pride in bringing in special coffees that very few people can import. His relationships with our importers has made our coffee experience very unique,” says Jaeger. The process allows them to control the quality of the bean, therefore making a super delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee Menu

You can find a variety of coffee drinks at Copper Rock. They feature different brews of the day, cold brew, nitro cold brew and pour over. But you can also find a variety of espresso drink classics like cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and more. You can find their drink menu here.

I asked Jaeger what the most popular beverage on the menu is and he said, “The ‘Naughty’ Frappe is definitely a crowd favorite. Take our Kona mocha mix, add both milk chocolate and white chocolate sauces to milk and ice and finally blend it into a decadent chocolate explosion. Adding whipped cream makes it even more naughty.”

Community With Local Businesses

Not only does this coffee shop offer a variety of coffee and beverages, but they also have an assortment of bakery items and breads. The items that they cannot prepare themselves they look to other local businesses to provide. This is really neat because it helps create a sense of community and support within the local market.

Copper Rock has become a staple in the coffee world in Appleton. And has actually opened a second location in North Appleton! If you haven’t had coffee at Copper Rock yet, I highly encourage you to take an hour and just enjoy a cup of coffee with friends downtown.

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