Exciting Farm Toys for All Ages at Hounsell’s Country Store!

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Hounsell’s Country Store specializes in farm toys that appeal to both kids (developmental) and grown-ups (collectibles) alike! Farm toys are popular with every age; just something about the simplicity of farm life captivates you. Kids feel a connection with vehicles like tractors and plows, big machinery designed to make farm life easier for the farmer inside all of us. But beyond simply being fun, farm toys reinforce developmental milestones for all ages. They encourage imagination and creative play, allow children hands-on opportunities to discover cause and effect, and help develop fine motor skills through play and fun. Some examples of these developmental toys are wheels that roll, shovels that dig, and cranks that lift. 

Of course, farm toys aren’t just for kids; some of the more intricate toys have become highly collectible amongst adult enthusiasts, too! Vintage models and miniatures are highly sought after by collectors, creating a community of knowledgeable farm fanatics who know their farm equipment. 

Hounsell’s Country Store is the perfect place for kids and grown-ups to find the perfect farm toys that are both fun and developmental!

About the Hounsell’s Country Store

Hounsell’s Country Stores has two Wisconsin locations: Hounsell’s Country Store in Fond du Lac and Hounsell’s East Side Country Market in Ripon. Both sites are fully stocked with treats and treasures to indulge the youngest pretend farmers and the most dedicated collectors. Their staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping customers find the perfect item to take home.  

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Hounsell’s Country Stores carry a wide variety of collectible farm toys, construction equipment, semi rigs, artwork, lawn ornaments, and animal toys. Their inventory includes brands like Bruder, John Deere, Schleich, ERTL, International, and CAT. They have a broad selection of models, both vintage and contemporary, and toys that are appropriate for all ages. Some of their brands are famous for making the actual farm equipment their toys replicate, so you know they are authentic!  

You will find plenty of fun, safe toys for your little ones to inspire play and imagination at Hounsell’s Country Store. Whether you are looking for the right gift or an outing with your kids, Hounsell’s will surely entertain!

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Big box toy stores have their place in the world, as do beautiful small boutique stores for kids. But if you have a kid who has a passion for trucks, tractors, trailers, and the like, Hounsell’s Country Store is the place to go. Your child will love roaming the aisles of brightly colored toys, replicating exciting machinery with many different purposes and functions. Even those not as enthused by the farm equipment will love the toy farm animals. It is a unique shopping experience for the whole family, and you will undoubtedly find the perfect toy to add to your collection.

Hounsell’s Country Store

Hounsell’s Country Store is the perfect place for kids and grown-ups to find the perfect farm toys that are both fun and developmental! It is a unique shopping experience with a distinct specialty that your kids will surely enjoy. You will delight in watching them play and explore, interacting with and manipulating unique toys designed to engage. Make a little time to visit one of their locations, and I’m sure you and your kids will leave smiling and looking forward to your next visit.

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