Why You Should Join My Senior Model Team

Beautiful high school senior posing for senior model team session

My Senior Model Team is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s for those of you wanting to do something different. You want to have an unforgettable experience. You want unique Senior Portraits that don’t compare to all the others at your school. You want to go on adventures. You want to make new friends. Those of you that feel all of these things, you should join my Senior Model Team.

Beautiful high school senior posing for senior model team session

Let me give you a little backstory before you decide to join my Senior Model Team…

I have always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I went on a photo adventure with my best friend that I really grew passionate about doing portraits. My best friend Lauren came to visit me one weekend while in college, and on Saturday afternoon she asked if we could go take photos. So we both got all dressed up, took the bus downtown and just explored the city together. We spent hours downtown, walking around trying new poses, making each other laugh, talking about the cute boy in our bio class and just had an absolute blast! While taking photos, I remember feeling so confident because my friend was giving me compliments and it made me feel amazing.

When we went back to my dorm room and looked at the photos, I remember her expressions on her face and the things she said. She was so excited to see her photos, she felt beautiful and I could see she loved herself. I freaking loved how that made me feel. I was able to give her that bit of confidence and happiness, and that meant the world to me. Through that experience I felt like our friendship grew stronger that weekend and it will be a memory I cherish forever.

Now flash forward to today…

That weekend Lauren came to visit me, gave me the inspiration behind my Senior Model Team. I want to create that same experience for all of my models. I want my Senior Models to feel beautiful and confident. I want them to cheer each other on during a session and lift each other up. Don’t get me wrong, I still aim to give all of my Seniors that experience in their sessions, but the Model Team is different. The Senior Model Team is a group of friends who want to go on photo adventures together. It goes beyond just a photo session.

So why should you join my Senior Model Team?

You should join because this is an amazing experience. It’s an opportunity to make amazing friendships, try something new, create unique Senior Portraits and have a blast! The Senior Model Team will make your Senior year unforgettable!

Beautiful high school senior posing for senior model team session

I am super passionate about working with Seniors. I love this age group because you’re all so excited for the future, you have amazing goals and dreams and you know how to have fun. You should join my Senior Model Team, I’m so excited to meet you! And I can’t wait to take you on a photo adventure! Click here for the Senior Model Team application. If you want more information about what the Senior Model Team is click here.

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