Visit This Oshkosh Movie Theater: Fun for the Whole Family

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There’s something exciting about watching a movie in an actual movie theater. The experience is just way better than viewing it at home. Picture yourself sitting in a theater with your family or friends waiting for your movie to come on, you can smell the popcorn (and taste it too probably haha), the lights begin to dim, the big screen lights up and the room is filled with a thundering noise from the surround sound and it shakes your seat. You don’t just see the movie, but you experience the movie. And you can do this at the Oshkosh Movie Theater, Marcus Cinema located at 340 South Koeller Street.

Fun fact, did you know that the Marcus Corporation started in 1935 and the first movie theater to open was in Ripon, Wisconsin? It has since grown and is the fourth largest theater circuit in the United States with over 90 locations.

photo session for blog about oshkosh movie theater with a family

This Oshkosh Movie Theater Has a Lot to Offer!

This movie theater is spectacular and has so much to offer its guests. First, it has different screen sizes including a SuperScreen DLX which is an experience that includes an oversized screen, Dolby Atmos multidimensional sound and 7ft of legroom. All of this theaters screens have the Dreamloungers, which is recliner seating and it’s super comfortable! It’s way better than the theater seats I remember and adds some fun to the experience for kids.If you’re looking for something fun for the kids, they have a Family Film Series which allows you and your family to view your favorite family flicks.And if you really want to go all, you can even host a private screening for up to 20 people. This is great for birthday parties, social events or other meetings. You can book your private event online here. Marcus Theater in Oshkosh also has on-screen captions available for a selection of its movies on Sundays.

Food and Beverages

This theater doesn’t just offer traditional movie theater concessions, but it also has Zaffiro’s Express. Zaffiro’s has a diverse menu including pizza, appetizers, salads, desserts, sandwiches and more. You place your order at the counter, pick it up at the window and then enjoy it while watching your show. There’s nothing wrong with having options, and this can simplify your family outing or date night. You don’t have to plan dinner and the movie, just show up to the movie theater and it’s all there for you. As an extra bonus, you can also order your beverage and food order online through their mobile app to make it even easier! To order your food online click here.

If you’re wanting something fun to do, I highly suggest you check out this Oshkosh Movie Theater. You can see the current movies being shown here. To purchase your tickets online, simply select the time of the movie you want to see and it will prompt you through the next steps.

photo session for blog about oshkosh movie theater with a family

Thank you for reading my blog about the Oshkosh Movie Theater, Marcus Cinema.

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