How Soon You Should Book Your Senior Photographer

senior photos by senior photographer Ashley Kalbus

Okay I know what you’re thinking…it’s too early to book your senior photographer. You’re still a Junior in high school, why should you be planning for your senior photos already? You’ve got a whole year to be thinking about it, right? Wrong. I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve probably booked it yesterday. So just how soon you should be booking your senior photographer?

senior photos by senior photographer Ashley Kalbus

Book Your Senior Photographer Early!

The really short answer to this is the spring of your Junior year in high school. This might seem too early to even be thinking about booking your senior session, but just hear me out.

All Senior photos are typically taken the summer after your Junior year. This is when EVERYONE does their senior photos (except some decide to do winter photos, which I totally love if you’re interested in doing something way different). So what’s the problem with that? Everyone is trying to do the same thing you’re doing at the same exact time. And everyone is always busy because summer is always packed with family vacations, beach days, summer jobs, concerts, etc. So the early bird catches the worm here in this scenario. Book early to make sure you secure your session.

Start Planning Early with Your Senior Photographer

The sooner you book the more time we have to plan. The process of a session is super simple, but it’s important to get the details right. To make this easier, I like to meet all my Seniors right away so we can get to know each other better and this is when we can start brainstorming together. We need to find the perfect spot for you, the one that really speaks to your personality. And I handle the logistics of the location, but sometimes permits are required, appointments are needed or availability is slim and so we need to get a jump start on things! Then we need to plan your outfit and I’m totally open to helping you figure this one out. Sometimes finding the perfect outfit, especially shoes, can take some time. Then we have to chat about makeup, hairstyle (click here for a list Appleton Salons), etc. All the things.

It’s not hard to plan your senior session, it just takes a little time. And the more time we have together, the better your session will be! I want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect and that we don’t miss a single detail.

senior photos by senior photographer Ashley Kalbus

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