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We all have our own opinions when it comes to parenthood. Are cloth diapers or disposable diapers better? What brand has the easiest swaddling blankets? Which style of carrier is best for newborns? While we get to make up our minds when it comes to these basic questions, for years, we have been cut out of the big decisions, such as what style of labor is best for us personally. This is one of the many reasons birth centers have become so popular over recent years. These innovative spaces allow parents to get through childbirth in the best way for them while still ensuring they have all the necessary equipment if things get a little unpredictable. If you’ve been looking for a Wisconsin place to let you control your labor, I’d love to tell you all about Alba Birth Center

This lovely spot has been designed for a positive birth experience. It has experts who want to ensure you feel empowered at every step! 

About Alba Birth Center

We’ve all seen television shows where pregnant patients are hurriedly wheeled through a hospital, doctors stopping what they’re doing to get that baby delivered STAT! But birth realistically doesn’t work that way. While many hospitals treat birth as a medical emergency, midwives tend to see it as a regular life occurrence. It’s a natural process that your body was built to handle! Alba Birth Center carries this mindset at its heart. 

The center was founded in 2009 to give parents more options regarding their labor. About a decade later, Heather Kopesky purchased the center. Heather had gone through four home births and positively adored her experience. She loved the undivided care of her midwives, where appointments were unrushed and could provide her with the assistance she needed. 

Heather wanted every parent to have access to that experience and began studying to become a midwife. She joined the Alba team in 2014 as an administrator while also acting as a doula and midwife. In 2018, she purchased the center. 

At Alba, they’re all about pairing women with the best choices for their delivery. They’ll sit down with you and discuss whether you’ll be a great candidate for a birth center labor. If they decide you might be better served in a hospital, they’ll be honest and help you connect with the proper resources. Their goal is to ensure you know your options and can make the best decision for you. 

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Alba Birth Center is a comfortable space for your appointments as well as for your delivery. You’ll receive a midwife from your first appointment who wants to ensure you have the assistance you need for your labor. During these visits, you’ll sit in a comfortable space and be able to ask questions regarding your pregnancy. 

Your midwife will use this time to ensure you have all the tools at your fingertips for a low-risk pregnancy. They’ll talk about preventative care and regularly check on your progress. As you get further along in your pregnancy, you’ll start to discuss delivery. Not only will you get familiar with the symptoms of labor, but you’ll also build a birth plan to make informed decisions on what you want for your ideal delivery. 

Once labor begins, you’ll call your midwife and head to the center, where you’ll go to one of the birthing suites. These rooms prioritize maximum comfort. The dimmed lights and essential oils provide a therapeutic smell. You’ll be able to walk around, snack, and move in a way that feels right to you. 

Each room has specialty birthing pools that you can use for pain relief or water birth. The pools stay warm and feature self-cleaning technology and underwater lighting that will let you see your baby immediately. As your labor progresses, your midwife will ensure your birth plan is honored as much as possible. 

After Delivery

Following your delivery, your midwife will prioritize skin-to-skin. The office is a huge proponent of delayed cord-clamping and won’t rush you at any point. Your baby will stay with you as they ensure the two of you are on the path to recovery. A few hours after your baby is born, you can go home and recover from the comfort of your own bed. You’ll have several appointments following delivery to check on the healing process.

Alba birth center is just a short drive from a hospital as an added safety measure. Their ultimate goal is to ensure you and your baby are safe. If they feel there’s a risk at any point, they’ll transport you. Your midwife will provide continued care even after you arrive at the hospital. 

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On top of their exceptional prenatal and labor care, Alba Birth Center provides lactation assistance. The center has a 100% breastfeeding initiation rate following labor, and 95% of their parents still breastfeed three months postpartum. If you find yourself having trouble nursing, give the center a call. They provide consultations whether or not you’re a current client at the center. 

If you want to find out the sex of your baby early on, Alba has you covered! The center recently started providing Gender SneakPeak tests. These non-invasive tests can tell you the gender of your baby as soon as six weeks into pregnancy and have a 99.9% accuracy rate. This safe test is the perfect solution for antsy parents! 

Alba Birth Center

If you’re looking for a place that will give you plenty of options for your delivery, check out Alba Birth Center! This fantastic center dedicates itself to giving every parent the birth experience that works for them!

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