Milwaukee Yoga Studios Dedicated to Your Body & Your Baby

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Yoga offers many benefits and is something everyone can enjoy, especially if you’re pregnant. If you’re looking for the perfect prenatal yoga community, here are some excellent Milwaukee yoga studios to check out!

3 Milwaukee Yoga Studios Offering Incredible Prenatal Classes to Benefit Your Body & Baby

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Community

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Community features a holistic approach to prenatal and postnatal yoga rooted in yoga forms that honor its origins and philosophy informed by the Vedic Sciences of India. They also include an approach based on Ayurveda Life Principles and inclusion and diversity. They strive to foster awareness around existing bias and discrimination in yoga as it is represented in the West. 

Milwaukee Prenatal Yoga Community provides scholarships for BIPOC yoga teachers and practitioners who want to share yoga with their community.

Located at 1320 E Oklahoma Avenue, they feature on-demand private or small group yoga classes, including prenatal and postnatal yoga classes focusing on gentle yoga poses, mindful techniques, guided breathing, and visualization to help manage stress.

A mother to be stands in a field wearing a green maternity dress while looking down at the bump her hands are holding Milwaukee yoga studios

Movement Center

Movement Center offers online private or semi-private classes that utilize the practice of Pilates, yoga, and barre classes to honor traditions of various forms of movement and encourage each of their students to practice at their level and ability. Furthermore, the studio designs its classes to meet the needs of a diverse community, not just serve up an all-for-one dynamic. 

Certified yoga instructor Victoria, a mother herself, provides Movement Center’s prenatal yoga. Victoria believes in yoga’s power to transform us and is passionate about helping moms connect to their whole selves to experience authentic freedom. 

Movement Center focuses on principles of optimal alignment, breath work, and intention to help you achieve comfort and a healthy environment in your body for you and your baby during pregnancy.

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Tosa Yoga Center

Located at 6734 W. North Avenue, couple Melanie and Guy Landgraf founded Tosa Yoga Center in 2006 to offer an open, warm, and welcoming space for yoga practice. Tosa Yoga Center offers a variety of classes for beginners or experts, which includes classes such as Tosa Yoga Flow, Sunrise String Flow, Strong Flow, Core Focus, Mellow Flow and Restorative, Outdoor Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Arm Balance Focus, Parent and Baby Yoga, and more. 

Tosa Yoga Center also offers memberships that include monthly yoga classes, on-demand classes, discounts on retail products, and no commitment! They even offer one just for On-Demand classes, allowing unlimited access to online classes in the comfort of your home! 

Their Prenatal Yoga classes are specifically designed for moms-to-be. They target appropriate strengthening and muscle engagement, improved circulation, appropriate stretching methods, and movements to support labor and delivery. 

Milwaukee Yoga Studios

Run to one or all of these great Milwaukee yoga studios and get that relaxation, stretching, and movement your body needs!  

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