Froedtert Birth Center Offers Comforting Environments for Families!

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One of the first things you learn about being a parent is that everybody feels like they need to tell you their strongest opinions. The second your cute little bump appears, you’re instantly a magnet for random people who want to discuss the absolute worst birth stories you’ve ever heard. Being constantly confronted by people desperate to tell you about the hospital that wronged their cashier’s sister’s husband’s cousin during her pregnancy can make finding a spot for your delivery feel downright impossible. If you’re intimidated by trying to find a spot for your delivery, I’d love to calm your fears and tell you about one of the best spots around Milwaukee, Froedtert Birth Center. This excellent hospital is here to provide experts and a comfortable environment to manage your delivery so you can ignore all the horror stories the next time you’re out in public. 

About the Froedtert Birth Center

Froedtert Birth Center is a part of the Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin Regional Health Network. The network provides dedicated, comprehensive care all across Wisconsin. 

You’re always near exceptional healthcare with ten hospital locations, 45 health centers and clinics, and over 2,100 physicians! The network’s mission is to provide unparalleled service to the diverse communities across Wisconsin. They take the time to ensure they don’t see you as just another patient but instead provide personalized and compassionate care. 

The Froedtert Birth Center resides inside Children’s Wisconsin in the heart of Milwaukee. The center has consistently been recognized as one of the best hospitals in Wisconsin to give birth. 

It received the Center of Excellence award from the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology. Additionally, US News has recognized it as high-performing in maternity care. The birth center has also undergone new renovations. Each private birthing room is spacious and built to feel like home. With incredible amenities and some of the top doctors in the state, your birth experience will be exactly what you want! 

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When you decide to give birth at Froedtert Birth Center, you will first find an OB-GYN who practices within the hospital. Froedtert has a large number of physicians who can meet with you before pregnancy even begins. You’ll be able to find someone who understands your expectations for labor and delivery and will ensure they meet them. 

Your prenatal appointments will happen inside Froedtert Hospital at 8850 William Coffey Drive, just a few buildings away from the birth center. You’ll have your ultrasounds and lab work done within this building. You’ll also work with your provider to ensure you have a birth plan ready for pregnancy. Moreover, you’ll learn how to prepare for labor and how to know when it’s time to head in. 

Once labor is starting, you’ll head to Children’s Hospital. The hospital has valet parking, so you can quickly get inside. Once there, you will go up to the 7th floor, where the front desk will assess you before putting you in the correct room. Their birthing suites are private and large, with amenities including wireless internet, flat-screen televisions, couches, and recliners. 

You’ll be placed on a clear liquid diet, and they will call your physician. You’ll work with the hospital on different forms of pain relief, including IVs and epidurals. If you’re trying for a natural delivery, they’ll walk you through positioning, breathing, and relaxation techniques. The birthing wing does have access to a large birthing tub for working through labor pains, and you’ll be able to talk to your physician about using it. 

Delivery & Beyond

You’ll be placed in the Mother and Baby wing after your delivery. These rooms aim to be as comfortable as possible for your recovery. Your baby will always remain in the room outside of any necessary procedures or testing. The hospital provides food services and will try to abide by any dietary restrictions. 

If you choose to breastfeed, the hospital will pair you with internationally certified lactation consultants who will guide you through those early feedings and answer any questions. If you don’t have a pediatrician selected at this time, the hospital will work to connect you with some of the top doctors in the area. 

The doctors and nurses will regularly ensure you’re on the path to recovery. For vaginal deliveries, you can expect to remain at the hospital for 1-2 days following the birth. For c-sections, you will remain for three days. 

Sometimes, labor doesn’t exactly go as planned, but Froedtert Birth Center is ready to handle any emergencies. The hospital has three operating rooms for C-sections and advanced Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. 

Because the birth center is within the children’s hospital, you’ll have immediate access to a Level IV NICU. This wing has 70 rooms and will ensure your baby is in the best care. They also have several guest rooms so you can remain close by after you’re discharged.

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Froedtert Birth Center wants to ensure you feel equipped to handle childbirth. You’ll be able to choose between in-person and online classes. The hospital provides a seven-class Pathway to Parenthood Prenatal Education Program course. This class will go over everything from labor techniques to infant care. 

You’ll be able to meet with an expert and discuss any anxiety you might be facing. The class sizes are limited and fill up quickly, so it’s important to RSVP as soon as possible! The hospital also provides free breastfeeding courses to Froedtert patients. 

You can select to join a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Perinatal Group. This group includes women from the early stages of conception to their 12th month postpartum. This group is judgment-free and works to diminish negative moods and replace them with healthier mindsets. 

Froedtert Birth Center

Finding the right place for your labor can be a stressful decision. With Froedtert Birth Center, you can rely on the care of compassionate experts who will ensure you have a positive birth experience! 

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