5 Amazing Milwaukee Doulas for Your Maternity Journey

These Milwaukee Doulas are ready to help you with everything during your pregnancy journey! Doulas are trained professionals who help women with the prenatal period, labor and delivery and even postpartum support. They can help you with it all! If you’ve been searching for a doula in Milwaukee, but need help finding the right one for you and your family, you’re in the right place!

It’s important to find the right doula to help you through your pregnancy journey so you feel comfortable and supported with every aspect of your pregnancy. I know that this decision can feel overwhelming because you want to choose the perfect one. So I’ve done some research to help you find the best Milwaukee doulas.

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My Top 5 Milwaukee Doulas

Doulas Milwaukee

If you’re searching for an experienced doula to help you with every aspect of your pregnancy, Doulas Milwaukee is an excellent option! They specialize in all types of birth and work with each family to choose the best doula to meet your needs. Their doulas take the time to educate you about all prenatal and birth options so that you can get the experience you want. Their entire team is extremely knowledgeable and many of their doulas have additional trainings to help mamas.

Jo Ann Bishop

Throughout your pregnancy journey you’re going to want someone who is committed to helping you with every aspect. Jo Ann Bishop is exactly that! Her careful approach to your pregnancy journey will make you feel comforted. She takes the time to listen to you and your family’s needs to ensure that you’re receiving the support you need. This Milwaukee Doula provides physical, emotional and partner support to all her clients throughout their entire pregnancy journey. She serves as a bridge of communication between women and their providers. Her extensive knowledge and kind personality is why so many choose her as their doula.

Moon Willow Doula

If you’re searching for a Milwaukee Doula that is gentle and knowledgeable, then Elissa Lenkin Weber is the doula for you! Elissa knows that pregnancy can be quite the adventure haha and is there to help you in every way she can during and after pregnancy. She wants to empower you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Whether choosing a birth in a hospital, at home or a natural birth, she’s there to make sure you have the experience you want. She truly respects your choices and preferences in your pregnancy and wants you to have a peaceful birth.

Birth Coach Milwaukee

This Milwaukee doula service will provide you with excellent care during birth, labor and postpartum support. Birch Coach Milwaukee sincerely cares about each of their families and will be in constant contact with you throughout your pregnancy. They work with each family to make sure that you not only have the experience you’ve always wanted, but also a safe and healthy pregnancy. They understand that pregnancy can be magical, but also know that it can have some unexpected surprises. You’ll have peace of mind working with a doula from Birth Coach Milwaukee as they support you through every part of your pregnancy.

Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective

For those wanting personalized care, this amazing group of doulas is ready to help! A doula is someone who can provide information, support and advocacy for individuals before and after the birthing process. And Wisconsin Doulas of Color Collective does just that! Their main goal is to help families of color across the state of Wisconsin by providing support for all pregnancy experiences. 

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