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Choosing the right high school for your teen is an important decision! Especially because this is their last stage of schooling before they start the next chapter of their life. As parents we want what’s best for our kids and their future. Choosing a private high school has its benefits including an academic program geared towards preparing teens for college, smaller classroom sizes, faith based education and many other unique opportunities. As a photographer who specializes in high school seniors, I often get asked about schools in the community. Below I’ve written a post that includes some quick facts about Fox Valley Lutheran High School to help you on your search.high school senior in a pink dress looking over shoulder in a field of wildflowers

A Quick Guide About Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI

About Fox Valley Lutheran High School

Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI, often referred to as FVL by the community, is a private Lutheran High School in Appleton WI. Over 40 Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran congregations around campus are partnered with them. This school’s mission is to provide students with a faith based education that prepares them for lives of service.

Academics at Fox Valley Lutheran High School

This private Appleton high school has a ton of course offerings for its students. You’ll find a variety of courses in all subjects and even industry-specific studies including engineering, computer science, aeronautics and even biomedical sciences. Therefore, this is a huge benefit for students so they can start thinking about what career they’d like to pursue after graduation. The curriculum is challenging and encourages students to think critically, study and be creative. 

Additionally, Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI has a Special Education program for students with disabilities. All students are welcome at this school. To enroll your student in Special Education you must have an Individual Education Plan, Individual Service Plan, Private School Services Plan or 504 Plan. This private high school works hard to met the needs of each student on an individual basis.

If you’re worried about your student falling behind in their studies after transferring to FVL, your student can use the guided studies program. This program is for students who are behind their classmates academically and will help them catch up to their peers

College Prep

There are many different ways that Fox Valley Lutheran helps prepare its students for college. They offer a variety of college credit courses to help students get a jump start on college. A guidance program is available to help students with academic monitoring and course counseling. Another way FVL helps students is that they arrange visits from college representatives. This gives students an opportunity to chat with someone one on one about a specific college they’ve been considering. This program also provides resources for students about colleges, careers, scholarships and other important information about further education. The faculty and staff at this high school genuinely cares about their students and wants to help prepare their students for their future.teen girl in a pink dress playing with goldenrod at sunset

Extracurriculars Available to Students

There are plenty of extracurriculars available to the students who attend FVL. Some of the clubs on campus include Future Business Leaders of America, National Honors Society, Student Council, different Choir groups and a variety of band groups. The activities at this high school enable students to create friendships, learn in a group environment, and actively engage with their school. They focus on developing teamwork and leadership skills.

More than half of the students attending Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI actively participate in athletics. Some of the athletic programs at Fox Valley Lutheran are basketball, cross country, dance, volleyball and football. Their athletic teams focus on teamwork, building individual skills and hard work. They welcome and encourage all students to try out for sports.

Staff Members at Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI

The faculty members at FVL provide a Christian education to all students. Their core values are Christ centered, family focused, relationship driven, humble service and pursuit of excellence. 

Take a Tour

For those of you considering Fox Valley Lutheran High School Appleton WI, you can schedule a tour online for you and your family. You’ll get a tour around campus and a guide will answer all your questions. Also, I suggest taking a tour during a school day to see what life on campus feels like with students and teachers around.senior girl playing with her hair in a field of white flowers for blog about fox valley lutheran high school

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