7 Summer Jobs in Kimberly WI for Your Teen

Is your teenager searching for summer jobs in Kimberly Wi? As a senior photographer, one thing I hear often from my clients is that they have difficulty finding a part-time job for the summer. Not only is it hard to find a seasonal job, but trying to find one that will also work with their busy schedule! When trying to find a summer job it’s important to think about what is in season and what businesses get busy during this time of year. I have done some research to help you out and have listed some summer jobs in Kimberly Wi for your teen to consider.

teen girl in a purple dress walking along a beach for a blog post about summer jobs in Kimberly Wi7 Summer Jobs in Kimberly Wi For Your Teen

Recreational Sports

Summer Sports are a big deal for kids of all ages. If your teen is already involved in sports, then this may be interesting for them and the perfect summer job in Kimberly Wi! A lot of cities have kids sport leagues that are in need of officials to help out during games in the summer. And if your teen is already active in a sport then they more than likely know the rules and this will be super easy for them! Games are also usually short and they’ll be able to pick up different shifts to allow for flexibility around their busy schedule.

Ice Cream Shops

As soon as the weather gets warmer ice cream shops definitely get busier! You can connect with  local ice cream shops like Sno Biz, Lamers Dairy, Legendairy Cookies n’ Creamery and Dairy Queen. I feel like this job would be super fun as most ice cream shops have a happy vibe haha! Shifts would also probably go quickly as you’d always be busy. This would be a great summer job in Kimberly Wi.


Another summer job in Kimberly Wi could be lifeguarding. This would require becoming certified but it could almost be a job guarantee! There are tons of different pools  in the area that need lifeguards. Just make sure if your teen is considering becoming a lifeguard that they understand the hours are typically long and they will be in the sun all day. So if they aren’t fond of warm weather, this may not be the job for them. But for someone who enjoys being outside and poolside anyway, this would be a win win! Plus they’d get to work on their tan while getting paid haha.

Camp Counselor 

There are a lot of camps in the area that need counselors for the summer too! This would be a  good experience for your teen if they’re interested in going into a career that deals with kids. It’s also a super fun job as they meet tons of new people and hangout at camp all summer. I mean who doesn’t love camp activities like swimming, games and sports!

gorgeous teen girl in a flowy purple dress holding flowers and walking in a field at sunsetNanny/Babysitting

Another great summer job in Kimberly Wi is to babysit or nanny! Because most kids are off for summer break, this leaves parents with the obstacle of trying to find someone to watch their kids during the day. So if your teen is someone who loves to be around kids then this would be a great job for them!  I also know a lot of teens enjoy driving and oftentimes babysitters drive kids to their various activities and sports. So that would be an extra perk haha. I know some teens also get to do fun things with the kids they babysit like take them to the beach, go to the zoo, visit parks, etc! Each day would look different and that may be beneficial to your teen. I highly recommend that your teen take the babysitters course and is CPR certified before taking on a babysitting job. 


Another great summer job idea for your teen is working for a landscaping company. Landscaping businesses in the area have a limited time where the weather is good enough to landscape and so they’re generally very busy in the summer. Most of the time they are hiring seasonal help for these busy months and so your teen could take advantage of this opportunity. Landscaping is definitely for someone who isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty and enjoys hard work. This would be good experience for your teen if they plan on working in the trades industry or doing something with manual labor. 

City Parks & Rec

Additionally, your teen may also want to look into jobs with Kimberly parks and rec or Appleton parks and rec. In the summertime they often need more help with mowing lawns and taking care of the park properties. Some of the jobs may also include things like garbage pickup and regular maintenance of the parks. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it would be something to look into if your teen enjoys yard work. 

Summer Jobs in Kimberly Wi for Your Teen

I hope this helped you brainstorm some summer job ideas for your teen in Kimberly Wi as they start searching for jobs this summer. I also recommend looking for jobs in your local community Facebook groups.

Thank you for reading my post and please feel free to browse my site for more helpful tips for your high school teen. And if you’re still in need of a Senior photographer, please reach out! I’d be happy to help!

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