7 Amazing Gifts for Your Neenah High School Graduate!

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Graduation is an exciting time for your Neenah High School senior! It’s a huge milestone and a great accomplishment that has taken many hours of hard work. As you plan ahead for their graduation it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for your graduate. Below you’ll find a list of graduation gifts that every Neenah High School graduate could use!high school teen in a green dress holding her sandals in a field at sunset near Appleton

7 Super Fun Gifts for Your Future Graduate


Okay, but seriously who doesn’t like new clothes? Haha. And because your Neenah High School senior is shifting to college life, They may want to develop a new style. I suggest getting them some new comfy clothes for them to wear during their lecture because those can get pretty long. I also recommend buying some cute dressier clothes for them to wear when they go out to dinner with friends. Another great idea would be to gift them College apparel to wear around campus. Getting into college is a huge achievement and they should be proud of their university. 

Gift cards

Another great gift idea for your Neenah High School graduate is gift cards. I know sometimes it can feel insignificant to give others a gift card because it feels so simple, but trust me these will come in handy! Think of places they enjoy going out to eat so that they can treat themselves to a dinner off campus. I would also encourage gas gift cards because college students are working with a budget. You could also do gift cards to places like Target because they’re going to want to stock up on essentials for their dorm room and just general supplies. Don’t forget gift cards for coffee shops because that’s an essential tool for survival in college haha.


Speaking of coffee, you could also give them a coffee maker for their dorm room. College is a whole new level of academics and they’re definitely going to need a bit of caffeine to get them through long nights of studying. The convenience of having your own coffee maker in your dorm room is a game changer! You could also pair the coffeemaker with different kinds of coffees, coffee syrups, creamers, and other fun toppings! neenah high school teen sitting on a small ladder in a field

Dorm Room Decor

Your Neenah High School graduate is going to want to create an awesome dorm room. after all this is going to be their new home and it needs to be an expression of them. You could buy things like Christmas lights, bedding, wall decor, band posters, rugs, and even photos of home in cute picture frames. They also usually need things like a mini fridge, tv, entertainment center, futon, and storage containers. Typically colleges will have a list of recommendations for items freshman should bring to campus, but  this list should help you get started with some dorm room ideas.


A bike would also be a great gift idea! It’s especially if your Neenah High School graduate is going to a larger University it can be time consuming to walk across campus! a bike would help them save time and get to campus quickly. There were many moments in my college career that I really wish I had a bike just to save myself some time. Also typically the parking garages on campus and parking surrounding campus get full really fast for those who do bring a vehicle. so a bike would be much more efficient. If you do decide to purchase your graduate a bicycle, remember to also buy them a bike lock! 


No student could ever live without a laptop! I recommend you invest in a good laptop for college! It’s going to be their new best friend, literally haha.  It’s pretty safe to say that all of their coursework will be online and the majority of their homework will have to be done online as well. It’s also super convenient to have a laptop during your lectures to take notes. This would be one huge item checked off their list.


And when in doubt cash is always a good option! This way they can either save it for something they may need during the school year  or they could use it to purchase other items that they need before they move on to campus. I know that giving cash can feel super easy, but it really is king! haha. You could think of a fun way to give them the cash and not just give it in a traditional card if you wanted to spice it up a little bit. I don’t know a teenager who would not appreciate cash!

Great Gift ideas for Your Neenah High School Graduate

I hope this helps as you start to think about what you’re going to buy as a graduation gift for your senior! I know that you want to give the perfect gift, but they will truly appreciate anything that you give them.

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