Ways Seniors of Ashwaubenon High School Can Prep for College

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Senior year is the moment you’ve been waiting for, your final chapter at Ashwaubenon High School. And as you start thinking about your final year, it’s also important to think about life after high school. For those of you who want to attend a college or university, things can be pretty competitive when it comes to getting into your college of choice. You want to make sure that your college applications stand out and that you’re fully ready to take on college academics. As a high school senior photographer, I often have conversations with teens about preparing for college. And so I’ve created a list of a few things to consider to help you prepare for college.

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6 Things To Help Your Prep For College

1. ACT/SAT Testing

Before applying to a university you’ll need to either take the ACT or SAT test. These tests are used to measure your skills and English, math, reading, and science. Most post-secondary educational institutions take this into consideration when determining if a student is qualified to attend their university. I highly recommend you take some kind of prep course before you take the ACT or SAT, especially if you’re not the best at testing. There are even some courses that let you take a practice test which may help you prepare for the actual exam. 

2. Take AP Credits While Attending Ashwaubenon High School

A great way to get a jump start on college credits is by taking AP courses at Ashwaubenon High School. Not only can you start completing some of your college credits early, but this will also help your college applications stand out. It will show colleges that you’re academically prepared to take on college courses too. To check which AP classes are offered check out the academics page online or chat with someone in student services.

3. Participate in Extracurriculars

Another way to make your college application stand out is by participating in extracurricular activities. It’s important to demonstrate that you’re able to balance both academics and extracurriculars. And there are so many activities that you can participate in while going to Ashwaubenon High School! College life is busy because most students try to take advantage of all opportunities. So it’s great to show colleges that you are fully prepared to do the same thing in college. You don’t need to be involved in a million things because I’m sure you’re life is already busy haha. But by doing a couple activities you’re doing yourself a huge favor. They want students that will enhance life on campus and continue to make their university a better place. 

4. Volunteer in the Community

You can also volunteer in the surrounding community and add these experiences to your college applications. This is a great opportunity to show colleges that you also care about your community and other people. Some colleges look at how many service hours you have and take that into consideration when they accept applicants. I know that you’re already required to have a minimum amount of service hours for graduation at Ashwaubenon High School. However, I highly recommend you try to obtain more hours than just the minimum.

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5. Tour College Campuses

Making your college decision may feel very overwhelming because you have so many choices. However, one thing that may help you decide is taking tours of the colleges you’re considering. Going on a college tour may help you get a sense of what life on that campus would feel like. You’ll also get to tour the different academic buildings, dorm rooms, recreational buildings, and the surrounding city. It’s important to see the campus and the surrounding city because you are going to be living here and you want to make sure that you feel comfortable. To set up a college tour simply go to the university’s website and most often you see a tab that says take a tour somewhere on the home page. then just simply walk through the steps of booking your tour.

6. Apply for Scholarships

One other thing you should do as you prepare for college after graduating from Ashwaubenon High School, is apply for scholarships. Chat With a counselor and student services and ask them about resources for college scholarships. there should be tons of opportunities for you to apply to. and after you have been accepted into your college of choice, you should check out their financial aid sites and you’ll find even more scholarships that you can apply to. It’s super important to really be yourself and show these organizations why you’re so deserving of these scholarships. They can help  lift the weight of the financial burden that comes with secondary education. Rry to get your scholarship applications in as soon as you can.

Congratulations again on your upcoming graduation, future Ashwaubenon High School grad!

Thank you for reading my blog about ways you can prepare for college. I hope this helped you with some ideas of how to get ready for college. I know it feels like a big task, but it’s just new. And new can feel a little overwhelming. But just take a deep breath and do one thing at a time. YOU GOT THIS!

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