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As parents we want what’s best for our children. From the moment they’re born they’re all we think about. I feel like the teen years are challenging for us as parents because we want to help them with all their choices. But we also want to respect their independence. We just want to make sure that they have the best opportunities possible for their future! And part of setting them up for success is choosing a great high school to prep them for college. I’m here to help you on your search for an excellent private high school. I recommend Valley Christian High School in Oshkosh WI and below you’ll find a quick recap about the school and what they have to offer to your student.beautiful teen sitting in a grassy field near oshkosh

What You Need to Know About Valley Christian High School

About the High School

Valley Christian High School in Oshkosh opened in 1974 and was created with the idea of combining academic excellence and spiritual truths. Their core values are discipleship, service, academic rigor and family. This Christian high school’s goal is for all of their students to excel in all areas of their life and to fulfill God’s purpose for them. They are actually the only Christian school that teaches from preschool through high school in the Fox Valley area. This may benefit those of you who have younger children in middle school and already feel concerned about the transition to high school. By having them transfer earlier, it may make the transition easier.

Academics at Valley Christian High School Oshkosh WI

At Valley Christian High School students take on a rigorous academic load. This school is staffed with Christian teachers,  ready to guide and serve your children. Some of the coursework aims to assist students in building their relationship with God. For example there are core classes about the Bible, annual service trips, discipleship groups, weekly chapels and more. There are also many educational opportunities for students like AP courses, early college credit programs, individualized career mentorships, youth apprenticeship programs, and so much more! Their educational programs helps students become prepared to excel in their higher education plans while serving in God’s image.

Athletics and Activities

It’s super important to have your teen involved in extracurricular activities in high school. Not only does this help your child build friendships, but it also gives them a chance to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Some of the athletic opportunities at Valley Christian High School in Oshkosh WI are baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, volleyball and cross country. This Christian high school also has a fine arts program. Some of the offerings include band, choir, theater, drawing, ceramics, photography and print making. Valley Christian High School likely offers a program for whatever your teen is interested in.high school senior in a white dress posing in a field of goldenrod at sunset

Tour Valley Christian High School in Oshkosh WI

For those of you interested in learning more about Valley Christian High School Oshkosh Wi, you can do two things. Either set up a tour or you can also visit on a Friday. Their Drop-By-Friday program encourages families considering their school to just stop by and take a tour. 

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