Lourdes Academy Oshkosh: An Excellent School for Your Teen

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Are you searching for a great high school for your teen to attend? You want to feel confident sending them to a school that will not only prepare them for life after high school, but one that will help them become excellent leaders in your community. There are so many great reasons to send your child to a private school, but the decision can feel overwhelming. To help you out,  I’ve shared a list of 3 reasons why Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh is a great school for your teen to attend below. stunning high school senior posing on a back road at sunset for her senior session

3 Reasons Why Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh is an Excellent School

1. Academics at Lourdes Academy Oshkosh

Lourdes Academy has an excellent academic curriculum. Your student will be in an environment that’s passionate about educational standards. Their Catholic education focuses on helping students achieve academic excellence and preparing them to use their education in the demands of the world. They offer a variety of courses including  honors, advanced placement,  Project Lead the Way and college credit. Students also have access to other courses at other institutions that may not normally be offered at Lourdes. There is so much academic opportunity at Lourdes. You can feel confident knowing your teen will be well prepared for their future.

2. Athletics & Extracurriculars

There are so many benefits to having your children participate in athletics and extracurriculars. It gives them an opportunity to learn teamwork, commitment and hard work. They also are able to develop confidence in themselves and have some fun too.  Lourdes Academy’s athletic and activities programs are constructed from a faith-based center and the coaches/staff really enjoy helping students develop their talents. Some of the sports Lourdes Academy offers are football, volleyball, dance, swimming, hockey, basketball, soccer and more! They also offer a variety of clubs including rotary club, pep band, ski club, show choir, student council and plenty of others. You can be certain that your children will have access to plenty of extracurriculars where they can further develop their talents. 

high school senior girl in a brown top and jeans walking in a field near Oshkosh by Ashley Kalbus Photography3. Faith Centered Education

If you’re searching for a school that has an environment founded and based around faith, then this is definitely the school for you! Lourdes Academy in Oshkosh is a Catholic school and at their core they truly believe in helping all their students grow spiritually throughout their academic career. Some of the ways they integrate their faith include daily prayers, religious educations, masses, faith-based clubs, service hours and so many other ways. This Oshkosh high school teaches students how to lead faith-filled lives and share their faith with others in the community.

beautiful teen girl in a white dress posing in a lake near Oshkosh at sunsetLourdes Academy in Oshkosh

Lourdes Academy Oshkosh also has the typical qualities of a great private school, including smaller classroom sizes and higher testing scores. There are so many reasons to choose this school, but above all they have an excellent academic program, offer plenty of activities to help your children develop their talents and are a faith-based institution.

I hope this helped you with your search for a high school for your teen! Thank you for reading my post! If you’re searching for an Oshkosh Senior Photographer, send me a message! I love capturing senior portraits in an authentic way that really shows off their personality. 

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