Notre Dame Academy Green Bay: A Great School for Your Teen

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Are you searching for the perfect high school for your child? I know it’s a big decision and you want to make sure you choose a school that’s not only right for your child’s needs, but will also set them up for success in their future. Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay is an excellent Catholic high school that not only helps each child with their academics, but also helps develop their faith as well. To help you in your search for an excellent high school, I’ve listed 4 reasons you should consider enrolling your teen at Notre Dame.

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4 Reasons Your Teen Should Attend Notre Dame Academy Green Bay

Core Values at Notre Dame Academy 

This Green Bay high school was established in 1990 and has an excellent reputation. This school focuses on educating their students to be top contributors in their community and in the world. Their core values exemplify a great foundation for your teen’s education: faith, learning, respect, responsibility, service and trustworthiness. These values really help each of their student’s prepare for life after high school and college. At the foundation, this Green Bay high school wants nothing more than for your child to succeed inside and outside the classroom.


Notre Dame Academy Green Bay offers some of the best education in the area. Their curriculum not only includes regular coursework but they also offer accelerated, college credit and International Bacculaureate classes. Students are able to enroll in a variety of core courses and electives that will both challenge them and complement their interests. Their rigorous offerings are constructed to prepare students for both four and two-year colleges. 

Another great benefit of Notre Dame Academy’s academics is their commitment to each student’s success. Students and parents meet with a counselor who then helps them create a plan for their high school career. This not only ensures that each student is on the right track for graduation, but also helps students who may have difficulties with the curriculum or who have fallen behind. Their counselors also make sure that the classes they take fit their interests and abilities. The staff at Notre Dame really cares about the success of their students, making it an excellent place to learn!

Notre Dame also offers a Learning Resource Center for its students. So for those that have learning disabilities and or special needs, you can be sure your children will be taken care of. It’s incredibly awesome that they have a specialist to work with students and helping them make adjustments to an education plan. This is an amazing resource for families to have access to!

high school senior in a blue dress playing her guitar at sunset in a fieldFaith Focused

For those of you who value a faith based education, then this is a big one for you! Notre Dame Academy is a catholic high school that focuses on developing student’s faith alongside their education. Community service hours are required for graduation, as they emphasize the need to serve one’s community and that each individual should care for others. They believe that this is a great way for students to not only grow their faith, but also put it into action. It’s an honorable way to teach students the value of helping others in need.

ExtraCurriculars and Athletics at Notre Dame Academy Green Bay

Notre Dame Academy also offers a wide variety of activities for their students to be involved in. Their athletics program is very passionate about the successes of their student athletes. Each of their athletic programs focus on helping students learn values like team work, dedication and other skills that they can use for the rest of their life. You can be sure that your teen will have access to a variety of different extracurriculars that will help them boost their college applications and develop life skills. Some of their extracurriculars include cross country, dance, football, swimming, volleyball, basketball, hockey and more! beautiful teen girl sitting in a field of wildflowers in a blue dress for her high school senior session

Choose Notre Dame Academy for Your Teen

You can feel confident in choosing this high school for your teen. Their well-rounded academic courses, resources for students, faith-based approach to development and opportunities available to students make it an excellent choice for your student. 

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