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Choosing the right high school for your teen is super important. You want to make sure you pick a school that will not only prepare them for life after high school, but will also support their needs as they develop into adults. This is one of the main reasons why parents choose to send their teens to private high schools. One of the best private Catholic High Schools in Appleton is St Francis Xavier High School. Below you’ll find some of the key factors that make Xavier an excellent choice for your teenager.high school senior posing in a field of wildflowers for a blog about st francis xavier high school

5 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Attend St. Francis Xavier High School

1. Academics

One of the many benefits of a private school is the academic opportunities. St Francis Xavier High School offers a rigorous curriculum designed to enrich students’ talents and passions. Their academic program focuses on curiosity, creativity and purpose. The curriculum also emphasizes character and spiritual development. Their staff is extremely supportive and willing to help students throughout their academic career. This private high school wants to make sure that all of its students realize their full potential.

2. Xavier Scholars Program

Another factor to take into consideration is St Francis Xavier High School’s Scholars Program. This is an amazing opportunity for students to expand their knowledge about an area of study. The Scholars Program offers individual courses that are focused on a specific subject. Faculty members who are experts in the subject will also offer mentoring to students and assist them with research. This unique program is great for students who want to push their academics to another level and pursue their passions. It’s also a great addition to your teen’s college application and will help set them apart from other students.

3. House System

The House System is another advantage of attending St Francis Xavier High School. The House System is basically a social group that each student joins in their first year. This group then becomes their support network for their high school career. There are four “houses” on campus and each of them are divided further into co-ed, grade level and student-led mentor groups. The House System is designed to help bring students together, create practical skills and create a faith-filled community. teen girl in an orange dress kneeling in a field of wildflowers and smiling as she plays with the flowers

4. Clubs & Activities at St Francis Xavier High School

Beyond academics, this private high school also offers excellent extracurriculars for its students. There are tons of art based groups at St Francis Xavier High School like band, choir, orchestra, theatre and visual arts. Xavier believes that art is a great way for students to learn about themselves and life. They also have a great athletic program that focuses on teamwork, skill development and sportsmanship. Xavier believes that sports help students develop character and goal setting. Some of the sports available to its students are football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, powerlifting, baseball and more!

5. Faith

Your teenager will also receive a faith based education at St Francis Xavier High School. This private high school provides many opportunities for its students to deepen their faith and commitment. There are monthly Liturgies, weekly Mass, prayer services, weekly rosary and prayer incorporated into every class. Students also have access to participate in Xavier Retreat day, which focuses on building students’ relationships with Christ. Your teen’s faith will definitely grow and prosper throughout their high school career at Xavier.

St Francis Xavier High School

I know finding the perfect private high school for your teen may feel overwhelming. I hope the above post about St Francis Xavier High School helped you with your search!

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