Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball: A Championship Team

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Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball is an excellent athletic program for your daughter! As a Green Bay Senior Photographer, I meet high school students from all over Northeast Wisconsin and I’ve heard so many positive things about this basketball program. They also have a history of winning many state championships, so it’s definitely an exciting team to be a part of. I know that choosing the right high school for your daughter is already challenging, but also choosing one with a great basketball program feels daunting. I’m here to help! Below you’ll find a quick rundown about the team, some of their expectations and collegiate benefits. high school senior girl in ripped jeans and a cute flowy top standing on a back road at sunset

What You Need to Know About Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball

History of the Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball Team 

Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball has a history of being successful. The team focuses on creating a culture that is all about being a championship organization. This team is very impressive and won State in 2013, 2014, 2021, 2022 and 2023! This basketball program emphasizes the importance of being a positive influence not just on the court but in the community and classroom as well. It’s an excellent program!

How to Join

Joining the Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball team is a simple process. First, you’ll need to register your daughter for basketball and pay a fee. Next you’ll need to update their health records and complete a few athletic forms in the PowerSchool portal. Typically the start date for basketball is in November and registration begins in the summer prior to the school year. The athletic department updates their sports registration page each year with deadlines.

Parent Involvement

Notre Dame Academy does ask parents to help volunteer to help support their athletic program. I know that we’re all busy parents, but it’s a great opportunity to help fundraise money for the athletic teams. There are two opportunities for parents to volunteer for the all-sports booster club: working the concessions and handling tickets and money for your student’s respective sport. This private high school does expect the parents of the Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball team to handle the tickets and money for the girl’s basketball games. Junior Varsity parents take tickets for the Varsity games and the Varsity parents take tickets for the Junior Varsity games. teen girl in a white dress playing in the water during her senior session

College Opportunities

If your daughter would like to pursue basketball at the college level, Notre Dame Academy can help! Notre Dame Academy wants to see your athlete succeed and has a whole page on their website dedicated to information about athletes who are college bound. This high school also loves to celebrate their students’ successes and have designated signing days! If your daughter plans on continuing their basketball career in college, you should notify the athletic department and coach as soon as she has been admitted into an academic institution.

Futures Program for Young Girls

Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball also has a program for younger girls who are super interested in continuing their basketball journey. If your daughter wants to play basketball at Notre Dame Academy, then I highly suggest you sign them up! This program was created to help train young girls at a competitive and advanced level to prepare them for their high school basketball career. It focuses on individual fundamentals skills and then as your daughter gets closer to high school, they implement team skills. Games are played all over the state and even in Illinois and Minnesota. Practices are held 2-3 times a week and all players are expected to attend. Summer programs are also available. 

Notre Dame Academy Girls Basketball

I hope this blog gave you some more insight about the basketball program at Notre Dame Academy! Since you’re here you may also like to read my post about Notre Dame Academy and why it’s an excellent school for your teen. 

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