Get a Relaxing Prenatal Massage at Green Bay Massage Therapy!

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When those aches and pains that come with motherhood start showing their face, Green Bay Massage Therapy has your back, literally! Let me tell you about this awesome massage parlor in WI!

About Green Bay Massage Therapy

Located at 2420 Finger Road in Green Bay, Green Bay Massage Therapy is operated and owned by Debra Gerhard. She has been a member of ABMP since 2003, and is also nationally certified and trained in massage and bodywork. Debra graduated from Blue Sky School of Massage and continued to further her education in neuromuscular therapy, therapeutic deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and Reiki. Debra has extensive experience with treating many therapy clients who have recent or old injuries, overuse injuries, and clients who suffer from chronic and acute pain. She also specializes in working with athletes to optimize performance and limit downtime caused by injuries! 

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Boasting the title of being the official massage therapist for the Green Bay Gamblers team, which Debra returns for her 9th season with the team, Green Bay Massage Therapy offers a variety of services and solutions for moms and moms-to-be! Green Bay Massage Therapy offers:

  • Craniosacral therapy, which is used as a pain reliever
  • Deep tissue massage, which is recommended for those in constant pain or with physical injury
  • Myofascial release, which treats limited motion and physical tenderness throughout the body
  • Neuromuscular massage therapy to treat poor posture, arthritis, and more
  • Geriatric massage
  • The most common Swedish massage to relax,
  • Sports massages to heal injuries, prevent injuries, and increase flexibility
  • Trigger point massage to help manage pain and stress
  • Raindrop massages to align your energy flow and release blockages
  • Acupressure which can be helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting or lower back pain. (Sounds like heaven for those pregnant mamas!)

They also offer pregnancy massage therapy to help alleviate swelling by stimulating circulation throughout the body, help reduce leg cramps and alleviate swelling in the legs, reduce anxiety, and help relax your baby! Another helpful service to moms with a crazy day-to-day life could be Debra’s specialty, Reiki healing! Reiki is a Japanese healing art with the purpose of increasing and freeing unbalanced energy flow in the body, and it only uses touch or the hands of the Reiki master to particular parts of the body using techniques that are meant to relax and invigorate! 

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Green Bay Massage Therapy not only features their offered services, but they take the time to educate their clients on preparing for massages, revising how often they should get one, and even go over the health benefits of massage therapy! It is always a good thing to have a passionate massage therapist that is excited to keep you educated, informed, and healthy! 

Green Bay Massage Therapy

With the best options for massages and pain relief, Green Bay Massage Therapy is definitely a place you need to stop by and indulge in some me time! 

It is so easy to get lost in the craziness and forget what a joy motherhood can be. That is why I love connecting with everyone I work with and helping them with blogs like these! So check out more of my work and other helpful tips in the links below. Reach out today to chat about your dream photo session!

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