Visit Healium Wellness for a Relaxing Spa Day During Pregnancy!

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Need to take a step away from your daily stressors and enjoy some spiritual healing? Being a mom takes a huge toll on both your mental and physical health. Sometimes, a spa day is the perfect cure for all of the stress! Come relax at Healium Wellness and enjoy pure bliss!

About Healium Wellness

Located at 3457 South Burrell Street, Healium Wellness is conveniently nestled in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood and has been serving the community for many years! Healium Wellness is proud to have a handful of experienced and well-trained massage therapists to represent them, with each specializing in different areas and offering healing in so many ways! Healium Wellness’ all-female team of eight therapists are ready to help you feel your best and are all available for you to choose from during your sessions! 

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Healium Wellness is special in the way they offer their services! Their clients first book the length of time they would like their session to be with options including 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes. Then their massage is completely customized to them and to meet all of their needs! 

The therapist you choose caters the entire session to your body. Depending on the therapist you choose, they utilize their unique specialties during your session. So if you are looking for a particular style, pay attention to the masseuse you chose! 

All therapists use Swedish and deep tissue-based techniques, stretching, and myofascial massage. They also train to use hot stones, cupping, hot towels, and essential oils. 

A few specialties that therapists can use include acupressure, trigger point, neuromuscular therapy, relaxation modalities, craniosacral therapy, the Barral Institute’s Neural Manipulation techniques, Reiki, Site Specific, Prenatal, Thai massage, energy massage, therapeutic massage, chair massage, reflexology, Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, hand guns, and Gua-Sha methods. 

Each therapist offers different backgrounds and training methods. But they all want their clients to enjoy pain-free healing, relaxation, and connection, as well as transformation, introduction to holistic practices, and modalities to meet all of their needs. Get ready to indulge in a completely customized massage session that is perfectly attuned to your body’s needs! You can also conveniently book online or even grab a gift card to give yourself or a friend some massage therapy later! 

A mother to be in a velvet dress stands in a park path happily holding her bump Healium Wellness


Healium Wellness truly specializes in working with you and your body to give you the best possible massage. But they also offer specialty massages if there is something you specifically want to enjoy! Their specialty massages are not offered by every therapist. But the ones that do offer them are absolutely dedicated to your wellness goals. Their specialty massages include Reiki Therapy for with Sarah or Dorothy, Craniosacral Massage for 60 minutes with Dorothy, Deep Tissue Massage with Michelle, Eva, Josie, Kate, or Meg, Prenatal Massage with Michelle, Kate, Meg, Dorothy, or Josie, Reflexology with Josie, and Shiatsu with Josie. 

Healium Wellness

Healium Wellness is the perfect place to go for a completely customized experience, total relaxation, and much-needed healing provided by trained and experienced professionals! 

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