Door County Kids Activities Perfect for A Memorable Family Outing

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Door County has a lot to offer families, particularly those looking for hands-on learning, creativity, and adventure! Check out these suggestions of awesome Door County kids things to do, whether you are a local or just visiting! 

8 Door County Kids Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy 

Egg Harbor Fun Park

Egg Harbor Fun Park is the perfect place for some active fun! They are family owned and operated, so when you visit, you support a local Door County business. They have a fun outdoor miniature golf course for all ages and abilities. Additionally, they have an outdoor go-kart track so you can challenge your friends and family to a race. 

Egg Harbor Fun Park is also home to the largest arcade in Door County. Plus, the prize tickets never expire. You can treat yourself to a smaller award or save up for a really special big prize! 

Egg Harbor Fun Park has batting cages for the budding baseball player in your family to practice their skills. There is also a Bounce Zone for kids ages ten and under, with an assortment of colorful bouncy castles to help expel some energy! 

If you feel like making a little mess, their Water Wars encourages friendly competition with slingshots and water balloons. Gem mining, trampoline basketball, and paintball (aiming at targets, not at each other!) are also popular attractions. Egg Harbor Zip, their exciting zip line, is also available for your entertainment, although by appointment only. 

They offer affordable fun with a variety of packages for a range of prices. This Door County kids spot is perfect for events like birthday parties, scout outings, school functions, and even an out-of-the-box wedding!

The Farm in Door County

The Farm in Door County is the perfect place to get a sense of natural America and the farm life that used to sustain our rural heritage. Established in 1965, The Farm is just north of Sturgeon Bay. Visitors are invited to visit farm animals in their natural surroundings. They can even partake in opportunities to bottle-feed goat kids, piglets, and lambs! 

Get even more hands-on by milking a goat! Or take in the sight of baby chicks hatching from their eggs. Additionally, The Farm is also home to mini horses, donkeys, longhorn steer, rabbits, kittens, chickens, and even fainting goats! 

Lush, beautiful gardens with traditional herbs, flowers, and vegetables surround their historic buildings. The Sugarshack shows guests what sugarhouses (which made sugar and maple syrup) used to look like, and how they functioned. You can also wander through paths in the woods or find yourself strolling through their gardens. 

When you visit the Farm, you will have exposure to countless tools, implements, and utensils used in the good old days. You’ll leave with a sense of what it was like to provide your own food, clothing, fuel, and shelter in a simpler time. This authentic hands-on learning experience will also give your family precious memories and plenty to talk about long after your visit! 

Wequiock Falls

Suppose you are looking for a natural excursion. In that case, Wequiock Falls is a beautiful 25-foot waterfall in Brown County, northeast of Green Bay. It is one of Lake Michigan’s waterfalls, and its freshwater stream is pretty easy to visit. Its stream is truly impressive and powerful in the spring, but it lowers to a trickle in the summer. So, you may want to plan your trip accordingly. 

The waterfall resides under an old bridge. Additionally, a set of stone stairs takes you down for a closer look at the fall. It is a great way to get in touch with nature and see something truly breathtaking.

Hands On Art Studio

Hands On Art Studio describes itself as a “Free-wheeling walk-in art experience.” Their facility has over 8,000 square feet of studio spaces in multiple facilities to inspire DIY makers to follow their creative instincts. And the best part is, you don’t even need a reservation! 

Stop by Hands on Art Studio to choose from a large variety of projects, like painting ceramic pottery, wood, metal, or canvas, making jewelry, fusing glass, or creating a mosaic. 

The average cost of their projects is between $10 and $40, so you are in total control of your budget. If you choose to work with ceramics or glass, you can pick up your project the following day. Pieces need to be fired in the kiln before being taken home. Every other project you can easily take home with you the same day. 

In addition to their drop-in projects, Hands On Art Studio also offers small group classes, like jewelry making, wheel throwing, hand building (pottery), and metal sculpture. These classes do require reservations, and are well worth the experience! The studio is family-friendly. Friends of all ages can tap into their creative sides and make something truly unique and beautiful!

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Wood Orchard Market

Wood Orchard Market is an exceptional establishment that has become a mainstay in Door County. It is a family-owned business, currently owned by the third generation of farmers on the property. It is the perfect place to pick up your seasonal produce (especially apples in the fall!) and a one-stop shop for gifts, specialty products, and a fun afternoon exploring the farm. 

They are known for growing specialized varieties of apples like SweeTango, Honeycrisp, and Smitten. They also produce some classics like Cortland and McIntosh, perfect for baking pies. 

Wood Orchard Market Bakery is always stocked with heavenly baked goods, like fresh donuts, pies, strudel, breads, cookies, and more. Their products are irresistible. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a few extra goodies than you may have originally intended. 

In addition to fresh produce, the Market also has a variety of homemade products like jams, jellies, preserves, dressings, butters, salsas, pickles, and TONS of dry goods. Be sure to stock up on your favorites to taste a little of heaven all winter! 

To keep your kiddos entertained, Wood Orchard Market has exciting peddle carts for kids to race around their apple-shaped track. They also have a brand new playground to keep your kids active, plenty of fresh air, and open spaces to congregate with friends and family or to listen to local children’s book authors. 

It’s easy to make a special day out of a visit to Wood Orchard Market. You’ll be glad you did as you’re packing up the car to leave with all your newfound treats and goods. 

Door County Trolley

If you have a kid obsessed with all things planes, trains, and automobiles, a visit to Door County Trolley may be just the thing you need! Founder AJ Frank took a family vacation to Savannah years ago. While there, they took a trolley ride around the city. 

Frank realized what a good idea it would be to offer trolley tours in Door County. So, upon his return home, he started Door County Trolley in 2000, and it remains a family-run business to this day. 

Door County Trolley specializes in scenic tours featuring some of the area’s most beautiful sights and delicious wines. The main station resembles an old train station, making it the only building of its kind in Door County. It has a retail shop and a full beverage bar for guests’ enjoyment. 

For grown-ups, they offer narrated scenic tours, lighthouse tours, wine tours, ghost tours, and murder and mayhem tours, which trace the paths of the Peninsula’s most famous criminals, past and present (an ideal experience for that die-hard true crime podcast listener in your life.) 

In the winter, they offer horse-drawn carriage rides in a heated trolley for anyone over the age of 5, ending in a fireside lunch at the romantic English Inn. 

Specifically for Door County kids, they have the Family Ride, a 30-minute tour to get the full trolley tour experience but abbreviated to a manageable length for shorter attention spans. Kids can partake in a unique I Spy activity on board and even ring the trolley bell! It’s a fantastic experience that your kids will remember for years to come. 

Skyway Drive-In

The Skyway Drive-In is like a trip back in time to the days when drive-in movies reigned supreme. Opened by brothers Orville and Elton Voelks in 1950, the Skyway is now the longest consecutively run drive-in movie theater in Wisconsin! It was purchased in 1981 by the parents of the current owners. When it switched hands, efforts were made to update the facilities while maintaining the drive-in’s original charm. 

Nowadays, you’ll find that the bathrooms have been updated and expanded. Still, the snack bar has been carefully preserved and is almost the same as it was back in the 1950s. You’ll even see some of the same nostalgic cartoon advertisements before your movie begins!  

The Skyway Drive-In is open in warmer months for a more enjoyable experience. They show two movies per showing. Your ticket gets you a double feature – pay for the first movie, and you can stay for the second for free! Listen to the movie audio through your car speakers by tuning into a local radio station. If you park in the first four rows, you and your Door County kids can listen through the traditional speakers on posts just outside your car doors. 

If you don’t want to watch from inside your car, you can bring a picnic basket with snacks and sit outside your vehicle on a blanket. 

Their snack bar has plenty of goodies for the movie, like popcorn, candy, novelty ice cream treats, pizza, hot dogs, nachos, drinks, and more! Relive the joy of a drive-in movie, and treat your family to a cozy night at the Skyway Drive-In.

Door County Adventure Center

Door County Adventure Center offers a little adventure for everyone of all ages and abilities! They have four different sites that differ in scenery, degree of difficulty, and location. One of the biggest draws of Door County Adventure Center is its multitude of kayak tours for Door County kids ages eight and up. 

Their most popular is the Cave and Dunes Tour. It launches from Whitefish Dunes State Park and takes you to several caves that line the coast of Lake Michigan. On clear days, you can see the wreck of Australasia! 

They also offer a sunset tour, where you can watch a beautiful waterfront sunset from up close on your kayak. The Mink River Estuary tour gets you a front-row seat to birdwatching and viewing species like herons, loons, ducks, and plenty more. Their fireworks kayak tour gives you the best view of the famous Egg Harbor fireworks show, where you can enjoy the music coming in from the shore. 

If a tour isn’t your thing, you can also rent kayaks and paddle boards or book a private lesson for the beginner in your life! 

For something a little more thrilling, check out their ziplining. While any age can participate in ziplining, they have some more rigorous courses for the more adventurous. Their 8-span zipline has incredible views of Rowley’s Bay. The Adventure Zip Tour is their most thrilling course, with the highest zipline in Door County at over 40 feet tall! 

The Adventure Park challenges participants with various heights and obstacles, encouraging bravery and self-confidence. They also have recreational rock climbing for both beginners and experts. The Door County Adventure Center is also the only tour company where all guides are professionally trained in their field. You can rest assured that your guide is knowledgeable and there to keep you safe and secure. 

Another unique offering is their Sib Camp, which is for kids who are siblings of a child with a disability. Camp lets them hang out with other kids who truly understand what it’s like. They can kick back and experience freedom with plenty of activities to keep them focused on building their own confidence and leadership skills. 

Door County Kids

There are plenty of places to stir up some adventure and make new memories with your family. I hope you’ll check out some of these Door County kids mainstays and see what our incredible hometown has to offer you and your kids!

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