Choose Green Bay Doulas For Prenatal and Postpartum Care

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Whether you’re expecting your first or third child, there’s a lot you need to prepare before your new baby arrives. And it can feel overwhelming as you start to think about everything that needs to get done. However, motherhood and pregnancy isn’t something you have to do alone. By hiring a doula, you’ll have access to physical and emotional support as well as help deciding the best option for birth. Doulas are trained in childbirth and typically are experts in postpartum recovery and child development. Doulas can also be a great support to your family as well. If you’re searching for a doula I highly recommend checking out Green Bay Doulas!

About Green Bay Doulas

Green Bay Doulas opened in 2015 and has been on a mission to help and support families through their pregnancy and postpartum periods. This woman owned business understands that each client is unique and has different ideas for birthing. They support each and every family’s choices without judgment. You and your family will feel empowered and confident after hiring Green Bay Doulas.

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You will have peace of mind while working with the incredible staff at Green Bay Doulas. Each doula is highly trained and is constantly doing new trainings and mentorships. They’re also certified in first aid and CPR. Ensuring that your birth experience is not only safe, but also flawless. They focus on creating an environment that gives you a sense of community and enthusiasm. You and your family will feel right at home with these doulas.


With an array of different services offered, Green Bay Doulas is a great goto for all your pregnancy and motherhood needs. They offer pregnancy and labor support, which is the foundation of their business, to help your body during this major change. You can also receive postpartum care as well. Your body just endured a major event and your body will need tons of care afterwards. However, with a newborn in the home, this may not be the easiest thing. Having a doula help you with postpartum will not only give your baby support, but also you and your family. 

Other Specialty Services

Beyond pregnancy and postpartum care, Green Bay Doulas also offers encapsulations services. By consuming the postpartum placenta, you may be able to help re-balance your post-birth hormones. It can also help with iron levels, boost your energy and reduce postpartum depression symptoms. These services are typically carried out at your home by a doula who specializes in this area. 

Birth & Parenting Classes

Green Bay Doulas also has a ton of different birthing and parenting classes. They have childbirth classes dedicated to learning about birth options and safety protocols. Breastfeeding classes are very popular and help to prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. They also offer postpartum planning classes which are geared towards life after your new baby’s arrival. Other classes include newborn care, car seat safety, grandparents and doula 101. No matter what kind of birthing or parenting class you’re searching for, Green Bay Doulas is an excellent option!

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Choose Green Bay Doulas For Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Finding incredible and knowledgeable support doesn’t have to be a hard decision. Choose Green Bay Doulas for pregnancy, birthing and postpartum care. You definitely won’t regret having the extra support and your family will also be extremely grateful for the support as well. 

I love supporting women and helping others feel beautiful. I know that during pregnancy you might be feeling everything but beautiful. However, I like to show mothers just how gorgeous, strong and amazing they are! You’re literally creating another human and that is a beautiful thing!

Searching for a photographer to capture your motherhood journey? I would love to work with you! Check out my work and get in touch so we can start planning a session that will make you feel incredible!


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