Kimberly Wi High School: An Amazing School For Your Teen

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As moms we’re always trying to provide the best opportunities to our children. And as our children grow up and become teenagers it seems to become a little more challenging haha. One easy way you can help your teen is by giving them a great high school education. High School is an important time in a teen’s life. This is where they’ll start to shape their future, look at colleges and excel in their academic career. Choosing a great high school for your teenager will help set them up for success for their future. I highly recommend checking out Kimberly Wi High School for your teen.

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Quick Facts About Kimberly Wi High School

About Kimberly High School

Kimberly Wi High School opened in 1906 and teaches grades 9-12. Their mascot is a Papermaker Wasp. It’s one of the top public schools in the Appleton area and in Outagamie County. This school’s main focus is to help their students in all aspects including academics, arts and co-curriculars. They want to help their students reach their goals and have the best possible future. Their core values are respect, honesty, responsibility and kindness.


Kimberly Wi High School‘s academic program really aims to help their students grow as problem solvers. Their staff also works hard to help students reach their academic goals. They offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes multiple advanced courses, designed to help your teen excel. For instance, they have many different Advanced Placement (AP) courses, Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) classes with UW – Oshkosh, articulated courses with the Fox Valley Technical College, as well as courses from UW – Green Bay and Lawrence University. Kimberly also offers online learning to its students as they understand that learning looks different for each person. You can be sure your student will have access to all different levels of courses to help them prepare for their future. The opportunities are limitless here.


Next, lets chat about their athletic program at Kimberly Wi High School because it’s incredibly well known. Their staff works hard to teach their athletes to work hard and achieve their goals. At the time of this article there are over 24 sports offered at this high school. Some of the sports offered include football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, and track. Their athletic program emphasizes teamwork, excellence in and out of the classroom and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If your teen is interested in pursuing athletics, I highly recommend you consider this high school.

Student Activities

Your teen is sure to find a club or activity that they love at Kimberly High School. Students are highly encouraged to participate in some kind of activity. They have many different clubs for the arts including color guard, forensics, musical and theatrical productions, photographer and band. They also have other clubs including Key Club, bowling, Link Crew, Multicultural Club, Student Council and so many other amazing opportunities. A great way to boost your teen’s college resume is by having them be actively involved in different activities. They’re sure to find a club or activity that they enjoy at Kimberly Wi High School.

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Kimberly Wi High School

I highly recommend you consider Kimberly Wi High School for your teen. It’s a great school, in an amazing location with tons of opportunities (academics, arts, athletics, clubs and more) for your kids to enjoy. I hope this helped give you a bit of insight as you search for the perfect high school for your teenager. 

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