New Beginnings Pregnancy Center Has Top Care For Your Delivery

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Whether you’re in a crisis or are just looking for a birthing center to have your sweet baby at, New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is suitable for you. They will welcome you with open arms! Here is a little bit about the birthing center in Fond Du Lac, WI! 

About New Beginnings Pregnancy Center

Located at 365 East Division Street in Fond Du Lac, New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is a non-profit, Christian-centered, dedicated safe place for pregnant women who want to change the direction of their lives. Their primary mission is to provide a nurturing environment for pregnant women in crisis. They operate on the belief in the sanctity of life with values to serve one another without reservations. The Center welcomes all people regardless of their spiritual traditions and values the dignity of all people. New Beginnings especially counts on and relies on the generosity of the local area to bring a brighter beginning to the newest babies being born in their care! 

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New Beginnings Pregnancy Center operates to offer hope to mothers and children without financial obligation. It is proud to improve the quality of life for locals and assist women in carrying their infants to term. They teach healthy parenting and essential life skills, facilitate healing and restore hope, and prepare guests for independent living. Additionally, they educate about health and nutrition for themselves and the child, providing the option of adoption information, and accomplish all of this by networking with professional and community resources.

They are composed of an entire team of staff members that help women, babies, and families. Executive Director, Kelly Rust, is passionate about addressing the needs of families, including mental health care, health care, substance abuse, educational training, job skill planning, employment, and living situations, and believes New Beginnings Pregnancy Center enables young mothers to nurture her baby in a positive environment while being empowered and feeling confident! These are shared visions and goals by the center’s care providers, president, and vice president. 

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New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is a haven for teen moms, inexperienced moms, pregnant women, uneducated women, moms who need a little help on their feet, homeless moms, and more! To continue to serve the community, though, New Beginnings relies on community help, including donations. They even host events and fundraisers at the center! They have popped up at farmer’s markets, banquet fundraisers, game nights, and more!

New Beginnings Pregnancy Center

New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is a beautiful resource and safe space for those that need it, especially the most special moms and babies!

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