Top Places for Expert Prom Dress Alterations in Green Bay

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You did it! You found the prom dress of your dreams! It’s absolutely stunning and is everything you could have hoped for, but maybe it’s just a bit too long or too loose in the bodice area. And unfortunately, they don’t have it in your size. Don’t worry, the solution is simple. You just need a great seamstress to help you with alterations, and I’m here to help you find the perfect one! Below you’ll find  a list of places I recommend for alterations in Green Bay to help transform your prom dress into absolute perfection. 

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3 Incredible Places for Alterations in Green Bay

Exclusive Alternations

You can trust your dress is in great hands with Exclusive Alterations. They ensure that they have all the prom dress solutions you could ever need. They do everything from sizing to adding beads to adding tulle to customized visions. Exclusive Alterations offers free consultations that will give you a bit more information about the alterations needed as well as price estimates for the services requested. Beyond alterations, this seamstress also offers jewelry, bras and slips to bring your entire look together. As an extra bonus, they also offer dress storage which is a total lifesaver if you find your dress early. I highly recommend Exclusive Alterations when looking for alterations in Green Bay! To make an appointment you can either book online or call ahead.

Unique Alterations

You’ll feel confident in your prom dress after visiting Unique Alterations in Green Bay. Conveniently located in BayPark Square Mall,  they are quick, reliable and produce excellent work. With over a decade of experience, this is one of the top recommended seamstresses in the area. This family owned business can offer custom tailoring, hemming, sleeve adjustments, zipper repair, sizing solutions and so much more! Call ahead to make your appointment or for a free estimate. You’ll be happy with your results! 

T. Alteration

You’ll love the end results of your alterations in Green Bay after visiting T. Alteration. This seamstress is super talented and can help you create the perfect gown. She can alter everything from length to sizing to beading to bustling. In which, I highly recommend you consider a bustle if your prom dress has a longer train. This way it won’t get in the way of your dancing haha, but will still be that wow factor for photos. To schedule your appointment, you can check out their Facebook page and either send them a text or call.

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Alterations in Green Bay

I hope this helps you find the perfect seamstress for your prom dress as you search for alterations in Green Bay. Don’t let minor imperfections like sizing, length, beadwork, etc ruin your dream dress! There are so many talented seamstresses in the area that are happy to help you! Also, as soon as you know that you need alterations for your prom dress, call and make an appointment. Their schedules are going to fill fast between prom and wedding season, and you don’t want to be stuck. 

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