Visit Blue Ivy in Fish Creek For Your Senior Session Outfit Needs!

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As a Door County photographer, I’m constantly helping my clients find the perfect outfits for their upcoming sessions. And I absolutely love recommending local boutiques! When searching for a trendy outfit for your upcoming senior session, I highly recommend you visit Blue Ivy in Fish Creek! This adorable boutique has so many great options that you’ll love!

Located in picturesque Fish Creek, you’ll fall in love with Blue Ivy and everything they have to offer. You can find everything you need for the perfect outfit, including shoes and accessories. They carry the latest styles and trends as well as unique pieces you’ll be dying to add to your closet. And they’re constantly adding new pieces to their store weekly, so there’s always something different to check out.

I had a chance to chat with Charlotte, owner of Blue Ivy in Fish Creek, and ask her a few questions about her boutique. Below you can read more about our conversation and learn all about what Blue Ivy in Fish Creek offers, inspiration behind the business, ways to shop and so much more!

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Q&A with Charlotte of Blue Ivy In Fish Creek

Can you please provide a short description of your business?

Blue Ivy is a women’s boutique specializing in trending clothing, calming home goods and women owned small batch fragrance lines.

Can you share a bit about what inspired Blue Ivy?

After college I was working up the ranks at Marshall Fields and landed as a marketing executive there. Although I loved the people, culture and my position, something didn’t “fit” for me. When I returned to Door County, I was sitting in a salon chair at Options Hair Studio in Sturgeon Bay confiding with my stylist about this. She asked me, “What would you do if you could do anything?” I paused, reflected and said, “I’d open a clothing boutique!” Taking this “quit it all” leap really opened my eyes to what’s possible when you go all out to persue your passion. Within a year, I opened my Sturgeon Bay shop just a couple of miles from where I lived.

How would you describe the style of the clothing you carry at Blue Ivy?

The styles I carry at blue ivy are what I feel are the perfect combination of what’s current and what my customers will love!

What kind of experience do you aim to create for your customers when they visit your boutique?

I want my customers to be happy to be here, to discover something new and to leave thinking they were treated to a special experience.

What is your favorite thing you offer your customers?

I don’t know if I can pick one “item” favorite! I guess I just love when my customers fine a “favorite” of their own at the shop!

What is one outfit staple all women should have in their wardrobe and why?

The one staple I think all women should have is the perfect jumpsuit! So easy—love the day to night aspect, you always look put together and there are so many styles now to choose from. If you’re not a one piece kind of gal, I definitely recommend matching sets. They have that jumpsuit look and style (without the bathroom conundrum) They are definitely having a moment right now!

How can customers support your small business?

Supporting ALL of our Door County boutiques is important. As things go online, we’re missing that connection of being present with our surroundings and enjoying the experience. I think Door County has a brilliant selection of shops from buyers who take in account our customers, our area and our unique take on life. I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing community!

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How can customers get in touch with you?

Best way to get a hold of me (in season) is at the store 920-868-5212 or to dm me on Instagram @ Blue Ivy Boutique!

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

The name “blue ivy” did not come from Beyoncé (although her daughter is amazingly talented, so I don’t mind lol) Blue is my favorite color and Ivy is a shortened version of my last name Iverson. Speaking of which, yes, my great, great grandfather is Rev. Andreas (Andrew) Iverson the founding father of Ephraim. 🙂

Blue Ivy in Fish Creek

Shopping local has its benefits, including finding super unique outfits! And one thing I absolutely love to do is to find ways to make my sessions unique. Finding an outfit that is unique and speaks to your personality can really add a fun flare to your images. I highly recommend you visit Blue Ivy in Fish Creek while searching for outfits for your senior session.

And if you’re still in need of a senior photographer, I’d love to be considered. I’m all about having fun while creating gorgeous images that look and feel like you. Feel free to browse my portfolio and send me a message, I’d be happy to help!

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