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It’s amazing what the right outfit can do to your confidence. When you look and feel your best, it shows. As a Door County photographer, I’m often helping my clients find the perfect outfits for their photo sessions. I always want to help my clients feel comfortable and confident with what they’re wearing because that will show in their photos. But sometimes finding the right outfit can feel like a challenge. However, with the help of Styled by Sharon the right outfit is just around the corner!

Located in Sturgeon Bay, Styled by Sharon offers a variety of services to help her clients find the right look no matter the occasion. Sharon has over 20 + years of fashion and international modeling experience, making her the perfect goto person for all of your outfit needs.

I had a chance to chat with Sharon of Styled by Sharon. Below you’ll find a Q & A with information about her services, the story behind her brand, ways to get in touch and so much more!

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Q & A with Sharon of Styled by Sharon

Can you please provide a short description of your business?

I am a fashion and sustainability obsessed lady who helps people look and feel better in today’s extremely eclectic fashion world. Also, I sell the best of the best, one of a kind well made finds but I also sell specialty services. I’m a cheerleader and I work with absolutely every body type, my favorite people being those who are insecure about shopping, dressing or struggle with their self image and confidence in general. My goal is to show everyone there are no fashion rules and the most important thing is to be authentic and look like who you want to be perceived as. I use my extensive TV and film experience to help people make a great first impression, whether it’s a first date or a job interview. Never underestimate the power of a first impression!

Can you share a bit about what inspired Styled by Sharon? Why did you decide to open your business in Door County?

After running two store locations in downtown Sturgeon Bay, I realized I wanted to do more one on one appointments. To spend more time with each person and really get to know them and to make a lasting relationship. I wrote down what my shoppers were missing, the personal relationship between a stylist and their client. The understanding of who someone is, how they move their body at work or at home and what fabrics make them feel a certain way. There is so much more to fashion than how it looks and it’s important to learn those things because you can use them to filter positively into all areas of your life. Example, compression can either amplify anxiety or take it completely away. Let’s talk about how unique your body and make a plan for YOU. I know fashion, it’s my background. When my computer breaks, I call a computer pro, what’s different here except this is fun!!

What are some of the services you offer?

I update dating profile with new verbiage and photos, general confidence coaching, how to pose with ease in front of the camera, closet clear out and then I have a few clients who I style year-round. The most rapid and life changing results happen with year-round styling… Or your money back!

What kind of experience do you aim to create for your clients?

I want my clients to call me and say “I got the job, I felt so confident in what a wore and about the interview questions we prepped for days/weeks prior.”
And I want clients to say “I feel so cool now in this new style, I feel like I’ve started my life over after that horrible break up.”
I want my clients excited and happy, we should feel happy when looking in the mirror.

I want my clients to look good, feel good but most importantly to feel support in a world that can be so harsh and lonely. I’ll lead you with pointers and help you every step along the way til we hit your style goal TOGETHER.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal stylist for an upcoming photo session?

Photos last forever, I’ll help you find what looks best as far as color and textures and what feels the most authentic for you. Clothing is captured differently in person than in photos, you can get away with much more in photos, let me teach you how.

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What is one outfit staple all women should have in their wardrobe and why?

A little black dress. No matter what size you are, we all gotta feel a lil sassy sometimes. Orrrrr all the time, some of us…

What advice would you give someone hiring a personal stylist for the first time?

If you’re working with me, I want you to treat me like your friend or your therapist. I want to know what you don’t feel great about so I can figure out an approach to get you feeling great about it. I work with clothing and accessories, but the affect from styling with me is much more than looking very well put together. My goal is for you to feel good, feel supported and to simply look RADIANT in photos and to have the best Instagram of anyone you know, even if you’re a student or a teacher and not an influencer. We all deserve compliments and attention for looking put together!

Where are a few of your favorite places to shop for outfits?

Haha, the list is so long…. But the Dig n Save in Green Bay is my ultimate. I love The Real Real and Poshmark. And all the Goodwills and thrift stores but I only buy sale items in those places because they’re expensive now.

How can customers support your small business?

Talk to me, I want to support YOU! It’s teamwork, when you’re succeeding, that support and feedback is all I need to keep going! Buy a package, book a consult, come shop at my house or hire me to find something for your next special occasion. If you don’t see anything I’m doing yet that you want, reach out, let’s get creative. Thinking outside of the box is my specialty.

How can customers get in touch with you?

My Owl, StyledBySharon.Com, or BySharonHinnendael@gmail.com

Anything else you’d like readers to know?

If you’re dealing with a hardship or you lost a job, reach out to me. If you’re a struggling single parent or someone new to the area from another country, I gladly gift clothing and accessories to support your rise from the ashes. Not everyone has to pay me, I was in a bad place before and a lot of people helped me. Now it’s my turn to help others if you know anyone who needs a pick me up!


Check out Styled by Sharon for All Your Styling Needs

Thank you for checking out my post about Styled by Sharon. I love helping style my clients for their session, but if you’re looking for an expert’s opinion, I recommend hiring Sharon. She’s absolutely amazing and will have you looking and feeling incredible for your upcoming photo session.

I love being a Door County photographer and capturing gorgeous images of my clients in their stylish outfits. If you’re searching for a senior, family or maternity photographer, I would love to assist you. Contact me to get the conversation started.

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