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As a mom, I know choosing the right school for your children can feel difficult. You want to make sure you choose a school that will support your child’s academic, athletic and social needs. And while I know that may initially feel daunting, I’m here to help make that process a little easier for you. If you’re searching for a great high school for your teen, I recommend you take a look at Bay City Christian School in Green Bay, Wi. Below you’ll find a little bit of information about the school’s history, academics, activities and athletics.

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Quick Facts about Bay City Christian School

About Bay City Christian School

Bay City Christian School opened in 1979 as local families wanted to create a school that included Christian principles. It started out as a school for kindergarten through 6th grades and soon after expanded into middle school and high school. They currently serve preschool through 12th grade. Their mission is to team with Christian families to help support students’ growth in both academic excellence and spiritual maturity.


Bay City Christian School has smaller classroom sizes and they feel this comes with many academic benefits. They feel their smaller class sizes help create a comfortable environment for all their students to learn. Additionally, they attribute their students’ confidence inside a learning environment to the small classroom sizes. Also, teachers are able to work more closely with their students to help them further their educational needs.

The staff at Bay City Christian School is exceptional and aims to help all their students flourish academically, physically, socially and spiritually. The coursework is designed to create an academic foundation for further education. They combine fundamental academic skills with modern techniques to provide an excellent learning environment. It also includes a Bible education program that helps students learn how to show a Biblical worldview.


If a competitive sports program is important to your teen, than this school is definitely one to consider! Their students often compete regionally and statewide and have won different state championships for basketball, soccer and volleyball. The coaches emphasize the value of hard work, good sportsmanship, teamwork and physical fitness. The mission of their athletics program is to help all their athletes reach excellence in spiritual maturity and godly leadership. They offer four varsity level sports including soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Activities & Clubs

As a teen, it’s definitely important to be involved in extracurriculars to help build your college resume. In addition to their athletic programs, Bay City Christian School also has different clubs and activities for their students to participate in. They’re known for their growing music program. Many of their students have won statewide and national competitions for choir, chimes, piano and violin. Also, this school offers other clubs including student council, drama, band and more.

Take a Tour

If you’re interested in learning more about this school, they encourage you to take a personal tour. Then you’ll be able to explore the school, meet the staff and take a look around.

Thank you for reading my post about Bay City Christian High School! I hope this helps give you a brief introduction about the school and what they have to offer.

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