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If you’re looking for a dance studio for your kids and or teens in the Oshkosh area, you should definitely look into Julie’s Touch of Silver Oshkosh. Julie’s is extremely reputable and is an excellent choice for a variety of different dance classes. Your children will love their experience here as they have the opportunity to make new friends who share an interest in dance, build confidence in themselves and their abilities as well as enjoying some physical activity. Below you’ll find more information about the Julie’s Dance Studio, what kinds of classes they offer, performance opportunities and so much more.

About Julie’s Touch of Silver Oshkosh

This dance studio has been in business for over 34 years and is dedicated to teaching dancing skills to all students at all different levels of baton twirling, dance, tumbling and modeling. Their programs are some of the best in the country and many of their students have won at the local, state, regional, national and world title levels! You can trust that enrolling your children here for dance will put them into good hands. 

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Classes & Programs

A great advantage of Julie’s Touch of Silver Oshkosh is that they offer a wide variety of classes and programs for your children. There are many different skill levels available for just about every class offered, ensuring that no matter what skill level your child is, they’ll find an appropriate class for them. Here are a list of the classes available at Julie’s Touch of Silver:

Baton Twirling :

For ages 5 to adult and many of these classes will incorporate dance-twirl movement and choreography as well. 

Combination Classes:

If your child needs to burn off some energy then this is the class for them haha. These classes combine baton twirling, dance and tumbling. As a benefit, if you’re unsure of what type of dance your child is interested in, I highly recommend starting with a combination class to see what they’re passionate about.

Tumbling :

Classes start for ages five and up. There are different skill levels and each class meets once per week. 


Your children can learn the art of ballet at Julie’s Touch of Silver! They’ll learn different parts of classical, lyrical and modern choreography. 

Jazz :

There are classes available for all different skill levels. Students will learn stretching and flexibility skills, leaps, jumps, turns and a variety of dance combinations. Choreography styles include classical, broadway, street and contemporary.

Tap :

In this dance class your children will learn fundamentals and details of tap as well as rhythm and synchronization. Instructors also include different tap rhythms and skills to create a “Jazz Tap” style of choreography. 

Hip Hop:

Your children can start taking hip hop classes at age 5 and they offer different skill levels. It’s a fast-paced, high energy style of dancing, which is sure to burn off extra energy. Tumbling is also incorporated into this dance class.


Beginner and advanced classes are taught as a 6 week course. Students will learn runway and pageant modeling as they focus their skills on posture, posing, walking, pivots, turns, poise and self-improvement.

Private Lessons:

Your child can also experience 1:1 help with private lessons. They’re available for solo twirling, strutting, modeling, tumbling, tap or dance.

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Performance Opportunities

It’s super important for your children to not only learn different dance skills, but also have a chance to show them off. Julie’s has many different performance opportunities for your kids, ensuring that they build confidence and work on their stage presence. This dance studio has annual recitals that are held in June at the Fox Cities Performing Art Center. This is the biggest performance of the season that features all of the students. Julie’s also participates in various parades in the Oshkosh area with their baton students. Community presentations are also held at different organizations, pageants and more for their Twirling Corps group. And for those involved in corps groups or advanced classes, will also have the opportunity to participate in various competitions throughout the year. You can be certain that your child will have tons of opportunities to perform at Julie’s Touch of Silver.

Competing Groups

Next, I want to also quickly chat about the competing groups that Julie’s Touch of Silver offers. As a bonus mom to a teen, I know personally that it’s important to continue to challenge your children. Not only will they further develop their dance skills, but they’ll also gain confidence and keep pushing themselves to new levels. Julie’s offers advanced classes for those that want to compete at high levels and enhance their skills. 

Julie’s also has different corps groups which are non-profits. Members are required to try out and the dancers learn routines that they perform and compete with at different levels throughout the year. They offer corps groups for young,  juvenile and senior levels.


Julie’s Touch of Silver Oshkosh

Julie’s Touch of Silver is a great dance studio for your children, no matter their age or level of skill. To enroll your children in a class, inquire about pricing or look at their class schedules, you can contact them by either email or call the studio. Your children will love their experience at Julie’s!

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