Elevate Your Game: Why Fox Cities Elite Volleyball Stands Out

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As moms we always want what is best for our children. Especially as they get older and get ready for high school, we really start to think about their future and what they need to do to achieve their goals. Sports can be big parts of our children’s lives, as we usually start them in sports at a young age so they can learn fundamental skills like teamwork, discipline, communication, leadership and all the things in between. If you’re looking for an incredible opportunity for your daughter to develop their volleyball skills to propel them into the next level, then you need to consider Fox Cities Elite Volleyball. To help you decide if this is the right experience for you and your teen, I’ve created a post about how this volleyball club stands out and the amazing opportunities they have to offer. 

About Fox Cities Elite Volleyball

Located in Menasha, Fox Cities Elite Volleyball is central to many of the cities in the Fox Valley area. Making it super convenient, no matter where you live in the area. It was established in 2001 and had just a couple of teams to start, but has since grown to two teams per age level. This reputable volleyball club is dedicated to helping their athletes achieve their goals by giving them the highest level of training, superior coaching staff and the best club experience through competitive tournaments. Some of their teams play regionally and some play nationally, with tournaments ranging from the surrounding states to the other side of the country. This will give your teen so many incredible opportunities to continue working on their skills and play some of the country’s best competitors. 

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An important thing to note about Fox Cities Elite Volleyball is their staff. Composed of some of the area’s best varsity coaches, experienced club coaches and trainers, your daughter will surely be surrounded with experts to help her refine her skills. The staff will work with your teen both individually and on a team level. This will ensure that they develop the skills necessary to compete at high levels.

Trainings & Clinics Available To Your Child

Beyond the twice weekly practices, your daughter will also have the opportunity to attend many different trainings and clinics to level up their game. They have a multitude of different skills training sessions as well as strength and conditioning clinics. Summer training sessions are also available for small groups for ages 5-18, which is actually open to all players. So if you’re considering trying out, you may want to try a summer session to determine if it’s the right fit. One amazing opportunity I want to mention is a College Prep Camp that Fox Cities Elite has to offer. D1 and D2 college coaches lead the camp for freshmen through seniors who want a higher level of training, competition and want to learn directly from college coaches. 

League One VolleyBall (LOVB, pronounced ‘love)

Fox Cities Elite Volleyball is a part of the LOVB Club (pronounced ‘love’). LOVB, takes junior clubs to a whole new level of training and development. Players have access to top coaches, Pro Academy camps, facilities, exposure opportunities, special clinics and an amazing community. If your daughter is serious about continuing her volleyball career, they definitely have the resources and skill to help her. 

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College Recruitment 

Fox Cities Elite Volleyball can help your daughter with the recruiting process. They have many different tools available to help you connect with college coaches and the right opportunities. And because they’re affiliated with LOVB, they’ll also help create a free highlight video for your athlete. It will show off their skills and then they can share it with coaches. The staff also provides a list of college needs and programs for your daughter to help them keep on track by graduation. Impressively, many of their players do become committed and signed, making this a promising choice for your teen.

Fox Cities Elite Volleyball

I hope this helped give you some insight about Fox Cities Elite Volleyball. They’ve help so many of the local athletes develop their volleyball skills and they can help your daughter too. As parents, we can’t guarantee anything for our children’s future but we definitely do all we can to help them. If your daughter wants help getting to the next level in volleyball, then I highly recommend having her join this club. She’ll learn so much more outside of her school’s team. This will give her more opportunities for a future in volleyball.

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