4 Great Places to Take Your Kids for Swim Lessons Near Appleton WI

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As moms, we want to help our kids develop important skills for their lives. Having your kids learn swimming at a younger age will give them more confidence in the water and they’ll become stronger swimmers as time goes on. Also going to add, that it’s a total life saver for burning energy off! haha When you decide to start is completely up to you and only you’ll know best. I would consider thinking about how often you and your family spend time in and around water when making your decision on when to start swim lessons in Appleton WI. As a family photographer in Appleton, mothers often ask me for local recommendations, so I’ve created a list of places for children to start swimming lessons.

There are different levels of swim lessons. Infant and early childhood lessons are great for your kids to learn water safety early on. Just a heads up, some places may require parents to be in the pool with their child (3 years old and younger). If your child is older than 3, a great swim lesson to start with is a beginner level 1 class or sometimes referred to as water acclimation class, and this is where they’ll learn the basics of swimming and safety.

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Family Friendly Places for Swim Lessons near Appleton WI

Wisconsin Swim Academy

This is a fabulous place for your children to learn how to swim. The Wisconsin Swim Academy holds swimming lessons with a 3 student to 1 instructor ratio. They believe this creates a great environment for your children to learn because they’ll receive plenty of attention. Classes are about 30 minutes long and they do offer flexible scheduling because they understand life can be chaotic for families. Lessons are offered year- round. To learn more about the Wisconsin Swim Academy visit their website.

Swimtastic Swim School – Fox Cities

Located in Menasha, WI this is a great for your children to take swim lessons. Swimtastic Swim School offers a unique teaching method, created by a team of champion swimmers. Children are paired with an instructor based upon their learning style. Classes are on average 4 students per 1 instructor. They totally understand that life gets busy, and do offer make-up lessons. Swimming lessons have a rolling start date, so your children can start any time. For more information about Swimtastic Swim School visit their website.

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YMCA of the Fox Cities

The YMCA has many locations in the Fox Cities, and is a wonderful place for your children to start their swimming journey! The YMCA has been in our community for more than 160 years and has always been a great place for families to go. Swimming lessons are offered at nearly all of the Fox Cities locations. They focus on creating confidence in your children while having fun. Classes are broken down into stages, this will help you decide which lesson your child is ready for. For more information about swim lessons at the YMCA visit their website.

Appleton Parks and Recreation

Your children will love taking swim lessons with the Appleton Parks and Recreation program. Erb Pool and Mead Pool both offer lessons. Swim lessons are available in the winter and summer for your family. Your children will learn the basic fundamental skills as well as confidence. There are designated areas for parents to watch your children during classes. For more information about swimming lessons with Appleton Parks and Recreation visit their website.

Swim Lessons in Appleton WI

Thank you for reading my post about swim lessons in Appleton Wi. I hope you find the right school for you and your future swimmer! 

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