Things To Do In Neenah WI To Change Up Your Next Outing

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Are you looking for things to do in Neenah, Wisconsin? Neenah is rich with great recreational activities and must-see spots. This list of things to do in Neenah, WI provides various options for you to choose from that the whole family will enjoy.

5 Things To Do In Neenah, WI For Your Next Adventure Outing

Future Neenah Farmers Market

Celebrating 30 years of business, the Future Neenah Farmer’s Market resides at Shattuck Park in Downtown Neenah. Future Neenah operates the farmers market, founded in 1983, meant to be a corporation solely for the upbringing and development of the area!

The Future Neenah Farmers Market has many fun things in store, including themed days like: 

  • butterfly-themed, 
  • beach-themed, 
  • back-to-school-themed, 
  • superhero-themed, and 
  • Halloween-themed. 

Offering homemade and homegrown products, the farmers market also features live music and resources while taking SNAP and WIC. This is only one example of the lovely things to do in Neenah, WI!

Shattuck Park

Newly improved Shattuck Park is conveniently located off E Wisconsin Avenue and was initially donated to Neenah by Clara A. Shattuck in 1915. 

The park offers three acres along the Fox River, a 165-foot walk-out pier, and a 1.5-mile open river trail. 

Shattuck Park also has a 2,900-square-foot pavilion, creating an entire area perfect for a variety of activities, including: 

  • fishing, 
  • boating, 
  • farmers markets, 
  • walking, 
  • kayaking, 
  • live canoeing, 
  • music concerts, and 
  • events!

The pavilion has restrooms, a fireplace, and an elevator to the top viewing deck to view the entire property and river. Shattuck Park also has a splash pad, playgrounds, bicycle trails, and a pool facility! 

Right next to the park, you can find a free museum, the library, and plenty of coffee and snack spots, perfect to grab a drink and treat during your day at the park! 

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Loop the Little Lake

Loop the Little Lake trail, or “Loop,” is a 3.5-mile excursion that links three communities. Village of Fox Crossing, the City of Neenah, and the City of Menasha link to create excellent bicycle commuting, bicycle recreation, and pedestrian recreation trails, combining off-road and on-road trails while featuring scenic vistas and access to Little Lake Butte des Morts, as well as five different parks!

The loop has a lengthy history, starting as a dream to join the City of Menasha to the Town of Menasha in the early 1990s, which took ten years of development! The City of Neenah’s portion of the loop began when the property was acquired in 2006. After 75% of the circle was complete, the goal to close the loop started in 2012, which brings you to the current Loop trail!

The trail features access to: 

  • Fox Cities Trestle’s 12’ wide composite deck board trail, six bump outs sections with benches, and one covered pavilion; 
  • Slough Trestle’s 14’ wide composite deck board trail; 
  • Neenah Trestle’s 14’ wide composite deck board trail and one covered bump-out section with benches; 
  • Menasha Trestle’s 14’ wide composite deck board trail and one covered bump-out section with benches.

Access to Fritse Park, Herb & Dolly Smith Park, Arrowhead Park, Cook Park, Marion Lift Bridge, and Shepard Park also gives you extra stops along the trail. The Loop the Little Lake trail is excellent for a things to do in Neenah, WI, with plenty of stops, sights to see, and activities to enjoy!

Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass

Located at 165 North Park Avenue, Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass is a free museum with a mission to provide wonderful glass experiences. They aim to spark fun, creativity, and learning for all while creating a global gathering place to enrich and transform lives with glass!

Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass came to be through Evangeline Bergstrom (whose home became the site for the museum in 1953) and Ernst Mahler, the chairman elected to found the museum in 1954. Evangeline had a love of paperweights since she was a child, fascinated with her grandmother’s glass paperweight.

Collecting and admiring glass paperweights throughout her life, Evangeline became an expert in antique paperweights. Her collection received an exhibit at The Art Institute of Chicago in 1939.

After her husband died in 1951, achieving many other museum features, requests to view her collection, and a self-published book featuring her antique expertise, Evangeline donated her home to serve as a museum for her antique glass paperweights.

In 1959 the John Bergstrom Art Center opened to the public, dedicated to Evangeline’s husband. The Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass now features over 3,500 glass objects and art and is revered in communities worldwide. This museum is an excellent place to see and learn more about the area’s history. The museum has plenty of ever-changing galleries and collections, as well as events for children, viewing, and more.

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Neenah (Kimberly Point) Lighthouse

Neenah Kimberly Point Lighthouse resides within Kimberly Point Park, on land donated by the daughter of John A. Kimberly in 1929. John A. Kimberly was one of the four men who founded Kimberly, Clark, and Company, which accounted for most of the city of Neenah’s income since 1872.

Initially presented in 1939, the lighthouse structure was actually built in 1945 after John A. Kimberly’s son donated funds in 1944. The structure received further development in 1954. Finally, in 2009, the Kimberly Point Park Lighthouse was added to the Neenah Register of Historic Places!

The lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. It now serves as an excellent sight to see in Neenah! While the lighthouse is closed, the grounds are open to explore and indulge in the history of Neenah.

You’ll be able to admire the nationally historic lighthouse while enjoying the Fox River and Lake Winnebago sights on your visit here, which makes for a lovely day visit!

Things To Do In Neenah, WI

Neenah is a city full of history, with so much to offer and so much to do, making it a must-see place to experience such fun activities! This list of things to do in Neenah, WI provides various options, from museums to parks to farmer’s markets.

For more Neenah area content, click the blog links below. Then, let’s chat about your next family session!

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