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The Green Bay area has some great spots for gift shopping, but the locally-owned Thornberry Cottage is one of my favorites! The cute and quirky gifts from Thornberry Cottage range from beautiful home décor to adorable baby items. 

About Thornberry Cottage

Located at 345 Cardinal Lane, Thornberry Cottage was opened in 1987 by local Sue VanDenElzen. Sue began her journey with her passion for decor and design in the basement of her home. Eventually, she moved to the 5,000-square-foot space the store resides in now. Thornberry Cottage recently changed owners and is now owned and operated by local business owners Suzette Hackl and Saundra Laskowski. 

No matter the owner, the store’s focus and passions stay the same, with the store and staff retaining loyal customers and having an emphasis on strengthening community service. Thornberry Cottage is a store with a legacy and a long history of serving its community.

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Thornberry Cottage offers a variety of products suited for both moms and little ones! You will find everything from baby clothes, toys and fun to mom’s favorite decor, clothes, candles, and more! The best part of this boutique is the fun and whimsical aesthetic that runs throughout the entire store. As a mom, sometimes we have to make those little moments fun, even if it’s just for us. Some of the most fun include their wide variety of catch all bibs and wonder plates with fun phrases. So you can match your little one’s eating to the “Hangry” or “Food Critic” child we know they are. 

The fun doesn’t stop there though. Whether decorating your new nursery or redoing the old, their selection of blankets, wall shelves, teethers, and change pads will leave your baby ready for anything. And with the same Thornberry fun you are used to. 

Along with baby room décor, Thornberry Cottage also carries home décor items like lamps, mirrors, prints, and custom florals. So while mom is shopping for their little one, they can grab something for mom as well! They are especially popular for their custom florals, their assortment of wall art and clocks, and their inspirational products like the entire Willow Tree line. But if you are stuck in a decorating rut, just bring a photo of the room! Their team loves decorating, so they will help find something perfect for your style! Whether you are decorating a living room or a nursery, they have what you need. 

The store also offers gift registries, complimentary gift wrapping, and excellent products! So when your baby shower comes around, your guests can pick out some of your favorites from right inside the shop. Not only will you guarantee cute gifts, but your guests will not even have to wrap the gifts. 

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In addition to its outstanding product selection, Thornberry Cottage prides itself on offering local brands and giving back to the community. 

The store participates in plenty of local events and community service opportunities. The current and previous owners dedicate thousands of hours to community service themselves. When you shop at this store, you keep it local and invest back into your community!

Thornberry Cottage

Thornberry Cottage is a shopping must, with its variety of products and wholesome founding. You’ll absolutely adore their high-quality inventory and have a pleasurable shopping experience. 

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