Things to Do In Egg Harbor WI This Week With Your Family!

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Are you looking for a fun place to go with the entire family? If you like adventure, playing outside, exploring, and tons of fun, then things to do in Egg Harbor, WI, are just for you! Check out several places perfect for a day trip with the entire family!

Awesome Things To Do In Egg Harbor, WI!

Plum Loco Animal Farm

Plum Loco Animal Farm is fun in Egg Harbor, WI, as they are crazy about animals and kids! It is a private, family-owned, operated farm and animal sanctuary. You can interact with animals and play on the farm village whenever you visit Plum Loco Animal Farm. You and the entire family can meet, pet, and feed horses, goats, pigs, and many more animals that call Plum Loco Animal Farm home. The little ones can explore the farm village where their imaginations can run wild. Accordingly, there are also lawn games, board games, toys, and puzzles that everyone can play with all day long. You can pack a picnic or just relax in their log gazebos. Be sure to check out every season, as they are always having fun and exciting new events for everyone in the family! 

Egg Harbor Fun Park

Egg Harbor Fun Park is a one-stop shop of total and complete FUN! Family-owned and operated, Egg Harbor Fun Park is one of the most fun things to do in Egg Harbor, WI. You will find fun for all ages, including miniature golf, go-karts, an arcade, water wars, bounce zones, gem mining, trampoline jump shot, batting cages, zip lining, and even a paintball range! After all that playing, your family is bound to get hungry. Egg Harbor Fun Park has a fully functional snack shop where you can snack on pizza and over 16 flavors of ice creams. For a day full of fun, check out Egg Harbor Fun Park today! 

Wood Orchard Market

Wood Orchard Market is a family business. It has a friendly community atmosphere by treating everyone who stops by like friends and family. Wood Orchard Market is a thing to do in Egg Harbor, WI, known for high-quality homegrown fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies, and the best bakery items. When you visit Wood Orchard Market, there are many fun things to do with the entire family, including peddle carts and a playground. For every little one, they offer FREE frozen apple cider pops! The bakery is famous for its excellent loaves of bread and sweet treats. Locals say you can smell the bakery outside before you even walk in, and they are always making new treats every day. There are many outdoor seating and picnic spaces, and it is an excellent place for the entire family to meet up and have fun! 

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Narrated Scenic Tour

The best way to learn about all the fun things to do in Egg Harbor, WI, is to learn from the locals! You can take an “old time” trolley ride and see scenic bluffs and breathtaking views throughout Door County. During the Narrated Scenic Tour, you will learn about the land. The fantastic staff will share all of the legends and what is unique about Egg Harbor, WI.

This Narrated Scenic Tour suggests that you take this tour at the beginning of your trip if you are vacationing. That way, you can learn all about Egg Harbor and know what the best places to visit and explore with the entire family are. The tour lasts for about an hour and a half. You will enjoy the scenery along the way. Furthermore, the tour will help you learn all about the best places to explore, eat, and have fun with the entire family! 

Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park offers over 460 campsites, a summer theater, an 18-hole golf course, bike trails, a lighthouse, a sand beach and eight miles of shoreline that you can explore. When you visit Peninsula State Park, you will explore so many trails that you can choose. That way, every time you visit, you will have something new to explore. When you visit, you can spend your time biking, boating, kayaking, camping, fishing, golfing, hiking, and hunting. There is also a lighthouse at the park. It is an excellent place for the entire family to check out and climb to the top! There are places to swim and many picnic areas and playgrounds that your whole family will love! 

Northern Sky Theater

The Peninsula State Park is also home to the Northern Sky Theater. This theater hosts a professional group of actors and musicians performing in the summer. They perform whimsical musical comedies geared toward families that are so much fun! Besides the theater, there is also a camp store right at the park with essential supplies, souvenirs, and ice, and a snack bar with pizza, burgers, and homemade ice cream. You can rent out all your fun boating needs and get some firewood for your campsite. There is so much to do at Peninsula State Park. Every time you come back, it will be a different and fun experience every time you visit! 

Things to do in Egg Harbor, WI

Grab your imagination and adventure, and prepare to spend a day learning and exploring. There are so many fun things to do in Egg Harbor, WI, for the entire family to have fun!

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